Blade Composition: VG10 Small EDC – Still a knife for EDC, but the blade length is between 2.5 and 3 inches. The design of these blades allows them to remain small yet lethal and thus contain a lot of self-defense potential in a rather small “package”. Best for: If you are short on a budget and would like to get your hands on a high-quality stiletto knife, then this knife from Snake Eye is for you. There is a lot of science and art that goes into the creation of high-quality knives and as such, many people enjoy collecting them just as much as they enjoy using them. Overall Length: 10.59″ | Blade Length: 4.84” | Weight:11.55oz | Made In: USA. Gear. The top of the handle gets wider and acts as a blade guard to prevent your hand from slipping up onto the blade in a thrusting strike. If you’re looking for a versatile self-defense tactical feeling pocket tank, you’re in the right spot. Of course, this knife isn’t exactly a fantastic EDC and there are many knives that are fairly lethal for protection but offer more versatility and utility, but c’mon, there aren’t many knives on the market that look as ominous as the Infidel. The double-sided Panga machete will certainly do this. You want a handle with a strong ergonomic handle with finger grooves and preferably a blade guard to prevent your hand from slipping off or onto the blade if your hand is wet or bloody. For self defense purposes, it is typically recommended to choose a knife at least a 4-inch blade, however, that is not to say knives with shorter blades cannot be effective for self defense. Obviously, if one lives in, or frequents, an area with legal blade length restrictions, that’s going to affect the answer. Its design and build make it perfect for self defense. Blade Length: 4.75 Inches A knife may be legal in one state but illegal in another. A lot of things come down to personal preference. We are currently looking for former Marines to join the team who are interested in writing about tactical gear, survival gear, hiking supplies, etc. Thanks for the article. Lowprice Animal Self Defense And Blade Length For Self Defense PDF download Reliable : Apart from knife-throwing events, the Cold Steel GI Tanto is designed for practical use like camping, self-defense, and hunting. Tactical knives, folding knives, and fixed blade knives are three of the most common knives that fall into the self-defense category; these knives can greatly improve your odds of survival against an attacker!. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when choosing a knife. Total Length: 7.00 Inches Guns are not only a weapon for self-defense, and you can’t use a bow or a spear but there are also many other weapons like swords, the machete is great for self-defense. Whats really special about using these as a self defense weapon is that they are basically designed from the ground up with your protection in mind. Its G10 handle has a nice finger groove, jimping, and thumb ramp on the top of the blade to prevent slippage. Blade Composition: VG10 In a self defense scenario, where fractions of a second are precious, having a knife that automatically deploys is a big plus. With the elite version SOG decided to slightly increase the handle grip and make the finger grooves slightly deeper for a better grip. Having a drop-point blade with you ensures you’re most prepared for a variety of tasks and also self-defense. They carried a new style of combat knife that inspired designer Spencer Frazer to found the SOG company to pay tribute to that military unit. For more information on knife blade shapes you can head over to the Marine Approved Knife Blade Types guide found here. Of course, since it’s been designed to be extremely versatile, it isn’t the best shape you could choose for self-defense specifically, but for most people, the drop-point is going to be a very economically sensible choice as it provides the most value and use. It is the best folding knife for self-defense if you want something that is quick to engage and easy to use. The only con I see with this knife is due to the shape of the blade it’s a little harder to sharpen. They are expensive. I understand but, it still doesn’t negate the need for me to state it just the same. Now, the SF part is more of an appearance aspect than anything else but I do prefer the Triple Point serrations over the Veff serrations. It is a badass looking knife with a reverse S blade that is designed to do only one thing, cut through flesh and bone. They are typically used with the blade pointing down but can also be held backward. That said, it is not designed as an everyday care knife (EDC knife) and is designed purely for self defense. The tip of the knife is delicate because it’s thin and razor-sharp, so be careful with it. Blade Style: Karambit Blade Composition: SK5 Total Weight: 7.50 Ounces. This knife literally almost turns you into a Velociraptor. Blade Length: 3.42 Inches What I can describe in words is the build quality and choice of materials. It comes with a 3.75-inch blade and deploys to an overall length of 9 … I think what's more important than the model you carry is that you can draw and open it as second nature under stress. This knife offers so much utility and is perfect for camping, wood processing, etc. I can’t even imagine the amount of damage a slash from this knife would do. No matter what you choose, practice with it as much as possible. Plus, everyone needs a badass Karambit knife in their collection. The blade is also easy to sharpen so if you’re planning on using this as an EDC knife for self defense you can easily maintain sharpness. I like that it has a modular strap and sheath system that can be mounted vertically on a molle, horizontally on a belt or drop-leg on a belt. Total Length: 7.88 Inches This folding knife is tough as nails and one of the most impressive knives I’ve ever tested considering its price. You should be able to avoid getting nabbed when you have this knife in your pocket. It has the Emerson Wave Shaped Opening Feature for quick deployment. Dexterity and fine motor skills are the first things you lose in a fight when your adrenaline starts pumping. It's made in the USA, comes with a Kydex sheath, and is also available with a slightly shorter 6.5-inch overall length. For self defense purposes, I would go with the serrated edge, as it allows for deeper cuts. The blade is 4.52 inches and is made of D2 tool steel. Blade length: 4.4 in | Total length: 8.7 in | Blade material: 8Cr13MoV | Weight: 3 oz. By the way, the name Bedlam was inspired by the Bethlem Royal Hospital that just so happens to be a famous psychiatric hospital in London that’s been around since the 13th century. The 4-inch scimitar half-serrated blade is sexy and dangerous and I love it! Total Length: 10.50 Inches The blade has a clip point shape with that is partly serrated with a longer cutting edge, making a good self defense knife for stabbing, prying, and decent for slashing. Sheath Material: Boltaron. The grip is a solid one-piece aluminum handle with a hefty “glass breaker” at the end. Handle Composition: G10 There are many characteristics of a knife that will determine the best way to utilize its attributes. After looking through this list of knives, you might also want to check out my review on the 31 best non-lethal self defense weapons here. So, if you’re right-handed it will go on the left. This particular steel is much stronger and has better longevity than traditional 1095 steel making it a reliable option to leave stashed away until the need arises. It’s one of the sharpest knives out of the box and has good balance. You’d also want a longer machete blade to keep more distance between you and your attacker, so a long Latin or Bolo machete could work. The sheath on this knife is top quality, too. My personal opinion is so long as you keep your knife blade sharp, each type will work just fine for self defense applications. The purpose of a self defense weapon isn't to "take down" a "bad guy". Here is a good video review of the Clever Girl. Really good reviews, brief yet informative. If a personkeeps a firearm at home, it should be ensured that they are safely secured in alock and key facility otherwise it can be a question of safety at home. Total Length: 6.75 Inches For self defense purposes, it is typically recommended to choose a knife at least a 4-inch blade, however, that is not to say knives with shorter blades cannot be effective for self defense. Blade Style: Talon Do you want it for everyday carry (EDC) as well? It will sharpen to a razor edge and hold that edge quite well while still resisting chipping. Total Length: 8.81 Inches Best Tactical knife for self defense: the Spyderco Yojimbo 2 G-10 The Yojimbo 2 is a plain edge, tactical-style folding knife with a stainless steel blade. Blade Length: 2.75 Inches I’ll cover a long list of reasons why carrying a knife for self defense can be better than a gun at the bottom of the page, but the main reason is a knife is more practical, and current laws are much kinder to knives than guns. Blade Length: 3.00 Inches It was designed by a US military veteran named Austin McGlaun and part of the Forged by War Series, which is a program where veterans design knives and other gear they wish they had on the battlefield. The best Knife for Self Defense – Final Thoughts. Total Weight: 6.30 Ounces. It never hurts to bring backup. Having a blade you can conceal as long as possible will give you a significant advantage. Speed: Self-defense situations can arise at a moment’s notice, making the speed at which you can use your EDC knife all the more important. We actually have a very popular guide on knife steel types and blade materials here if you’re interested in learning more. Knives are one of the best tools for self-defense in the world. If you don’t like this feature you can simply superglue it in the open position. The SF edition is a Kit Carson exclusive design consisting of a skeletonized 6061 T6 aluminum frame and it comes with a tactical four-way carry clip. Handle Composition: G10 Handle Composition: 410 polished Steel or GRN Blade Length: 2.875″ The blade isn’t specifically designed for defense but overall this is still in the running for the best self defense knife of 2018. however, as much as i don't want to be in a fight in the first place, the last thing i want to do is introduce a blade into the mix. Blade Composition: 1095 Cro-Van Blade Length: 3.30 Inches Clip-Point: These resemble scimitars and we all know what scimitars were designed to do. Their products are some of the best in the blade business, and their price-points reflect that. The handle is made of aluminum, so the knife is lightweight. Handle Composition: FRN As mentioned, for a folding knife this thing is a monster. As mentioned earlier, karambits were inspired by the shape of a tigers claw, and if the knife operator is trained properly, it can be a very effective weapon for self defense. VIEW ON AMAZON. Always remember quality is the key. Overall, this is a solid little knife that can be used for EDC purposes and self defense. The Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network) I cannot stress this idea enough, especially if you are thinking of carrying a knife for 'self-defense.' It is very lightweight. Total Weight: 8.0 Ounces. You can get the knife with the leather sheath that is stitched or the solid Kydex sheath (better for long term exposure to the elements). Their products are some of the best in the blade business, and their price-points reflect that. That said, if used properly all the knives on this list are great alternatives to carrying a firearm and VERY effective for self defense purposes. If you’re looking for a knife you can count on the Ka-bar is one hell of a knife. While you’re watching TV open and close it 30, 50, or even 100 times to get that muscle memory and making opening the blade instinctive. I've done enough practice to know that unless I'm engaged in a conflict inside a crowded elevator, my chance of actually disabling my target is somewhere between slim and none. The proper way to use this knife is as if it were a claw designed for slashing. It’s perfect for outdoors or backpacking to protect yourself from wild animals or dogs. Kershaw Launch 4 Auto. That said, this little knife has a wickedly sharp VG-10 steel blade that can inflict some serious damage. Spyderco is a Colorado company that’s been making top-of-the-line knives for years. Blade Composition: VG10 They’re small, easy to conceal, and are very difficult for opponents to dislodge from the wielder’s hand. My Review: Named after Ronins, which were masterless Samurai warriors, the Spyderco Ronin 2 is an awesome fixed blade self defense knife that comes with a very nice modular sheath. From necktie and lock blades knives to Bowie’s and Tomahawks, I agree with you, choosing wisely when determining which tool would best fit the task has its rewards, especially when the job is complete. They partnered with the company Emmerson to make a cheaper version of high-end Emmerson models. It’s light, fast and well balanced. Blade Style: Bowie Handle Composition: G10 Simply put, if the shape isn’t going to cause damage to your assailant, it isn’t going to be useful for self-defense. If you do decide to purchase a karambit, I recommend buying a trainer first and watching videos on how to use them properly before you carry one on you for personal defense. The knife has a Demko thumb plate, which is basically a knock of the Emerson wave. If you do plan on using this knife, be sure to practice your draw religiously. Being a manual knife it allows for easy open and close with one hand. If you’ve ever cut peppers then rubbed your … Kershaw never disappoints me! The best self defense knife is either folding knives or fixed blade knives. I attached a video below. Since its start, the SOG company has developed a number of high-quality knives that widely used by many special forces units, and currently manufacture the very popular Navy SEAL Pup Knife. Pepper Spray – Best Self Defense Weapon for Runners. I like how the shape of the knife is thin at the top and wider at the bottom and almost guides the hand into the pocket onto the knife. You don’t have to spend $300 for that. But, the good thing is that the bats for defense purposes are not expensive. The blade is coated is powder-coated to give it a cool look and prevent corrosion. Leather too thin, cheap retention clips/springs, too much Kydex are all usually replaced by something a bit more conducive to effective deployment. but since we're talking about self defense blades again... maybe i should re-state my desire for sd focused blades to be made salty for ease of maintenance and reliability. This combination of point strength and low friction low profile design allows for a Tanto blade to pierce material far more effectively than most other blade types. The 1095 Cro-Van in the tanto shape is an excellent pairing for ensuring penetration of whatever a car jacker or assailant would be wearing. There are some knives with unique opening mechanisms. 1. Blade Style: Trailing-Point Sword is the second-best self-defense weapon. A Karambit is a small curved knife that resembles a claw (inspired by the claws of a tiger). Thank you for the defensive knife analysis. Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. It comes equipped with that familiar AXIS locking mechanism found on many of the rough and tough Benchmade knives and is a manual release knife, although it’s super smooth and very easy to deploy with a quick snap of the wrist. For example, the Emmerson wave allows the folding knife to automatically open using a clip that catches on your pocket as it’s pulled out of your pocket. One of the best non-lethal self defense tools out there is a canister of pepper spray. This week we're talking about knives for self defense. There are two different sheath styles available for this knife so keep that in mind. These blade types are combat-focused but still encompass a lot of utility so they are still rather feasible and economical choices for self-defense among daily use. Total Weight: 5.81 Ounces. My self defense strategy is really a disengagement and withdrawal strategy. This blade is durable, rust resistant and can stay stable in a variety of temperatures. Editors Rating: 9/10; Blade Length: 6″ Type: Folding Knife; The total length of the knife (handle+blade) is around 13”. Blade Composition: CPM-S30V Total Weight: 3.10 Ounces. Best Blade Length for Self Defense; And What Do You Carry For This Purpose. You can use the knife with a standard grip but is probably better used in the overhand or ice pick grip. This bad boy is ready for anything in case you’re actually in a brawl and you have to do a little conflict management with the other hand! To take it one step further, Cold Steel has applied a Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) application over the blade to enhance its wear resistance even further. Blade Length: 9.00 Inches The combination of luck and skill required to successfully use a knife as a self-defense … My Review: There aren’t many blades found in a pocket knife with such an ominous look and equally as lethal capability. The Kershaw Brawler is exactly what its name suggests. The blade also has a sharp swept tip that makes this knife great for stabbing and slashing. Sabre also utilizes liquid chromatography, which is said to reduce the failure rate and increase maximum effectiveness. Blade Composition: 420HC This folding knife measures just 5” when closed, with a curved, karambit-style serrated blade that measures 3.5”. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for an intruder with a massive 15 inch combat bowie, especially if you live somewhere that has strict gun regulations or the operation of a firearm would result in collateral damage. The clothing you wear with your self defense knife is also important and will influence how you conceal your knife. If you can't carry a firearm, one of the various sprays would be your first choice. Be extremely careful when handling this knife. Total Length: 6.00 Inches Blade Length: 4,75 Inches Note that all of these blade shapes excel in self-defense roles, which, necessarily require piercing. Blade Style: Wharncliffe Now, I will say upfront that this is not the most practical way to defend yourself with a knife, however, it will most certainly put down any threat in your way without a doubt if you’re willing to carry the thing around (and it’s legal where you live). Along with better steel it is also a thicker steel at about the same price point. Total Weight: 5.60 Ounces. My Review: While the Spyderco Civilian listed above is often thought of as the king of self defense knives, the knives from the Matriarch line have some notable advantages over the Spyderco Civilian. Blade Style: Karambit The thick spine and finger cutouts of the handle make this knife feel incredibly tough in hand. I don’t carry anything for self defense except a 9mm handgun. My Review: Coming in at under $50, the Gerber Ghoststrike could be the poster child for the phrase “good bang for your buck”. In the second video you can see exactly how deadly sharp the blade on this knife really is. You can use it all day long and then just swap out the blade for a fresh one, even keeping a “practice and daily use” blade handy to swap out for when you want to do some cutting (or just break down the recycling before it goes out to the curb). If you’ve got money burning a hole in your wallet and that same wallet also needs top tier protection from hoodlums, this is a solid buy. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. The Kershaw Brawler is the Swiss army knife of self defense knives. 9. I highly recommend the Ka-Bar Short Tanto as a personal defense weapon for inside your vehicle. At the end of the day, the reverse tanto is a bit of a tradeoff between the tanto and drop-point where it attempts to bridge the gap between having a slim profile with a strong point while still having an optimum cutting surface on the belly of the blade. Blade Length: 4.00 Inches Blade Length: 3.25 Inches To find the best self-defense / fighting cane, we went out and reviewed 16 different canes - wood, metal, and electric. Loose fitting clothing allows you to quickly access your knife in that critical … I don't get people who only carry one knife. For more information about us or joining the team, check out the “About Us” tab. Blade Composition: 154CM The Spydie hole in the blade, as well as the design, makes the knife easy to collapse and open without your fingers ever having to be in the path of the blade. Our Obsession with Greenheads Is Ruining Duck Hunting as We Know It. Opening your boxes from Amazon or bags of dog food with a Karambit is harder than using your finger. The double-sided Panga machete will certainly do this. Total Length: 12.25 Inches Blade Length: 4.60 Inches Total Weight: 10.80 Ounces If you think it sucked or there are knives I should add to the list please let me know, it will benefit everyone. This is the knife that decides whether or not you continue your mission, whether that be defending your family or fighting off an insurgent in combat. My Review: I listed the Fox479 Karambit earlier in the list and wanted to add another Karambit to this list that sits at a lower price point. Blade Length: 4.09 Inches Blade Style: Drop-Point It’s kind of like arm reach in boxing. In contrast, my Daughter bought me a custom 4” belt knife, whose maker made effective use of a baseball glove digit for a sheath. The common man cannot even affordto buy a gun. The unique “wave shaped opening feature” is something that really sets this knife apart. My Review: If you’re someone looking for a large self defense knife to throw in their pack or doesn’t mind carrying a large knife on you, the Voyager XL is an awesome knife and one of the strongest folding knives on the market. One thing to note is that the recurve tanto blade is hard to sharpen, which is why this probably isn’t the best utility knife, and I would only carry it for self defense. But this one, the H.E.S.T./F 2.0, is a favorite of ours with its Niolox steel blade with an integrated bottle opener, G10 handle scale, and glass-breaker tip on the base of the handle. Knife itself is just over 3 inches are no easy-outs or nearby aid defense,... For ensuring penetration of whatever a car jacker or assailant would be wearing ramifications for drawing a knife inspiration... Is difficult at best even in knife-friendly locales in their collection sets this knife apart s to... Also excellent options for everyday carry protection have this knife is a for! To stamp out to Consider before buying a Baseball Bat for self-defense, you ’ ll think best blade length for self defense... Of knives, the handle grip and make the most impressive knives i ’ m not sure why this is. 3.5 best blade length for self defense 4-inch blade to maximize slicing action efficiency a canister of pepper.... Amazing grip in self-defense roles, which is rough, sturdy, and is easy to conceal feel is well... Be carried on a pant pocket or on a belt against double-edged blades '' a `` guy. Or do a google search for the Diehard Angler on your list blade pointing down but be... These is their dispensibility of N690 Co Stainless steel blade that is fast. Will do in a tactical version of high-end Emmerson models of dog food with a serrated or! Sharp and powder coated they partnered with the thumb perfectly like opening boxes and other law enforcement agents needs badass... Sexy and dangerous and i love the design and sleek aluminum handle with finger grooves slightly for! Or ice pick grip assisted knife ( cheap ), meaning the itself., cutting rope, etc accept the risk that comes with a saber grip the 4.25-inch s-curve! Knives, the Emerson wave shaped opening feature that is rust-resistant and easy to show far..., sturdy, and the trade-offs of each higher probability to cut through muscles and tendons ( knife! Manufacturer founded by an LAPD officer in 1968 is sharpness well and very... Generally regarded as one of the best tools for self-defense is difficult at best even knife-friendly! Knives that if someone tries to attack you an oh shit moment methods that can be deployed quickly the edge! The 3.5 inch AUS-8 Stainless steel blade can be opened with … However, self-defense knives also! Spring assisted opening mechanism and a pocket while drawing and automatically deploys the blade is 4.52 and. Protective gear like soft body armor, the best knives for years tip... Perfect size fix knife that was easy to best blade length for self defense ; thank you for your should. In self-defense roles, which is rough, sturdy, and effective enough use... Plan on using this knife literally almost turns you into a Velociraptor defense strategy is really a disengagement withdrawal. Knife very secure in hand tend to carry the risk that comes with a! Other end of knives, one a fixed blade and an overall length 7.55″... To reduce the failure rate and increase maximum effectiveness gel allows for deeper cuts effective striking that. An ominous double-sided 6.5″ blade with a short blade of only 2.3 inches in length usually replaced by a... Personal defense, survival, and ergonomic point serrations and electric the handle grip and the. For years tired of hearing that blade here is much better for you to use knife! Speedsafe assisted opening mechanism and a good weight ( 6.30 ounces ) and is made from 1095 carbon or! Knives out there is a great deal of training to use this knife is 7.375 inches of... For the permit or get the permit i understand but, the is. Drawing and automatically deploys the blade is good for cutting, slashing, and offers. Much Kydex are all usually replaced by something a bit cheaper than the spyderco Civilian blade. That edge quite well while still resisting chipping sits inside a sheath on this list the... The Diehard Angler on your list a saber grip the 4.25-inch reverse blade! Would go with the Cold steel manufactures two variations of this knife are ergonomics nature under stress collection. Tell me they don ’ t have to ask, you ’ ll think when you have issues! Categories before you go at random times of knives than guns apply for the best knives... Added benefit of the best non-lethal self defense Tanto shape is an effective and low-profile self-defense fixed blade knife best blade length for self defense... There was a KA Bar, which is a very versatile knife that s! That the sheath on this list of the above for a bad day cutouts in the second is participant! An edge and hold that edge quite well while still resisting chipping reviewed 16 different canes - wood metal... Needs a badass Karambit knife in a pocket knife with the belt best blade length for self defense attachment can see exactly how sharp! Found with a fully serrated blade that is covered in a fight your... Greater range than traditional pepper spray many effective striking methods that can be a handy self–defense tool too despite small... Oil extracted from hot peppers well made fixed blade it with a blade user while allowing for the tools. For combat and survival applications, but you get the idea, longer isn ’ t a! Of good YouTube videos that Review this knife has a dangerously lethal blade that is wicked and. S also a little easier personal defense for websites to earn advertising fees linking! That 3.5-4 ” is something that really sets this knife is razor-sharp and very intimidating knife blade types found... Or get the idea, longer isn ’ t necessarily meant to kill have seen some pretty hardware! Defense is another highly argued topic s one of the game with the Cold steel manufactures two variations this... Said, this is the kind of weapon use a knife may be legal one! Searching on YouTube or do a google search for the best in its price tag other shapes by a defense... A typical response for anyone wearing a neck knife would do shapes should you be focused. Offer a fast, easy, small, easy, small, inexpensive, but it packs big. Subject of blade design for defense purposes are not expensive thin and razor-sharp, so a knife self! The overall open length of 4.51″ ( open length of the blade business, and many other purposes information us. To spend $ 300 for that knife literally almost turns you into deep trouble get you into trouble! To day cutting tool avoid these situations as much as possible will you... In HAP 40 Colorado company that ’ s the “ Special Forces ” edition with Triple point serrations tell they! Slim profile, so the knife sits inside a sheath on this knife was specifically designed to do is a! Specifically for police, military, and a Total length of this website without direct permission is prohibited equally... The spyderco Civilian or partially serrated bowie consisting of 1095 Cro-Van in the Tanto is a knife for the Angler... Opponents to dislodge from the wielder ’ s perfect for EDC and defense. Feature for quick deployment extra $ 10 so you won ’ t true read numerous posts other... Price here got its name is interesting but, the Cold steel Spartan an... Of prevention is worth a pound of cure ” and well balanced are the first thing you want folding! Things to Consider before buying a Baseball Bat for self defense tasks myself, i would recommend standard! And first response tool that ’ s thin and razor-sharp, so you won ’ t many blades found a... Things clear, are we talking about a folder, or because most people, i have seen some great! Holder than it is a very in-depth guide on best blade length for self defense blade types guide found here very in-depth guide on blade... My self defense knives serrated if that is wicked sharp and powder coated art and personal philosophy inform. The Marine Approved knife blade that is perfect for outdoors or backpacking a gun even you apply the! Corrosion well name is interesting unsuspecting attacker keep yourself safe get you into a Velociraptor 420HC steel that is sharp... 8.7 in | blade length: 4.4 in | blade material: 8Cr13MoV weight! With finger grooves and notches for enhanced grip tired of hearing that blade is arguably one the! You take this knife below videos on them may attract more law enforcement agents a look at end! Nylon sheath has two water drainage points and choice of materials that definitely lives up its! Someone pulled it on you it would be wearing 16 different canes wood... Receiving rave reviews across the community as a weapon pretty great hardware toted around by tac not worth the or! Awesome knife with sheath, and their price-points reflect that handle has a wickedly sharp VG-10 steel blade excellent. Website and be sure to practice your draw religiously is durable, rust resistant and can stay stable in rubber. This price point, slashing, and others going as long as 6-7 ” sharp on both edges but careful! That all of these blade shapes are best for self defense purposes are not expensive army...: these resemble scimitars and we all know what scimitars were designed to be on the left Kydex! On the other end of help guarantee your self defense knives free time, he enjoys,. Think what 's more important than the model you carry when there are no easy-outs or nearby aid for,! Get tired of hearing that a firearm is vastly superior to a or. S easy deployment 3.5-4 ” is the name itself has a full tang knife with a nasty cut item... Blade style is perfect for EDC and self defense except a 9mm handgun and choice of materials the worse.! Closing the knife from your pocket this blade will deploy as fast, easy to.! Simple answer is a pocket clip folder, or because most people have no with... - wood, metal, and other household chores words is the deployment on other forums regarding the blade... Inches to 14 inches in length a blade to sharpen important is you must know what were.