What is this mystery?”. Sit down,” he said. Reacting to adharma is also a part of Karma yoga where you do not do it for yourself but with a sense of detachment for the greater good. It becomes difficult for a questioning and doubtful mind to absorb the essence of words of the Guru. Krishna was just ensuring the Dharma was preserved and that evil did not prevail. He was busy fighting Sālva who had earlier besieged Dwaraka (to avenge Shishupala's death) during Krishna's absence. Brahma told me I can fight with you, so I have come to fight.”, They said, “We are not warriors. Before dying he asks a boon from Krishna that he wants to watch the Mahabharata war. about Krishna :-). Is suffering of whole generation of people acceptable for the benefit of a greedy handful who cannot be rooted out except by using deception ? He will not take charity from others. Q7: If killing is right or wrong?. Krishna is the main hero of Mahabharat — in an epic full of Heros! One who thinks through asking all questions is the one eligible to decide what is dharma. What they were facing in the war was colossal evil. We shall not be satisfied with anything short of war.” Then there is a very lengthy process of argument and counter-argument, suggestion and counter-suggestion, and so on. Read the answer. I can take care of myself. Later on he said, “If I had been present, I would have prevented it. But the sun came back, and Arjuna shot Jayadrada and he fell. It had no water, the soil was infertile with stones and thorns everywhere, and there were wild animals in the forest. Pandavas lose the game of dice, Draupadi is presented in the court. Arjuna was totally aghast about what Satyaki had done. Where this hits a raw nerve is the historic tendency of governments and leaders to falsely invoke noble causes (ie supposed liberation of the vanquished) to get buy in for mass murder (wars) for the ultimate benefit of the ruling classes. I would have seen that you are installed on the throne. Which video are you refering to? All he said was Krishna defended what he considered Dharma, for which the means he used were similar to that of his opponents. Ofcourse there are many people who think they have great ideas to implement in the world, but along the history we have seen what did those who appealed to any means for their "good" intention. did what he did in order to establish Dharma. To establish dharma on earth Krishna played the key role in the Mahabharata war. Anyhow, you are in this condition. The height of knowledge went with the height of humility. But what he was trying to achieve was right. At the same time, Satyaki and Burishwara got into a fight. There is no confusion. “What is the use of one man who will do nothing? I am one; they are many. From kauravas point of view, Krishna was an enemy. We shall go back and see our valour.”. These are the peculiarities of a great man. Anything done to stop the progress of adharma (even adharmic means) is a part of dharma. And I dont want to be part of this game. Then he again prayed, “Having seen this, I do not want to see anything else, so make me blind again.” So once again he was made blind. Role of Lord Krishna in Kurukshetra War. I have only two things. It is not about future establishment of dharma.. He is also a friend of ours—also a brother and an honourable ruler; and if the Pandavas have lost their kingdom, it is of their own fault, and no fault of Duryodhana. From the birth of Krishna until the death of Kamsa can be called the early life of Krishna. Then the game of dice, which was total cheating, and the disgrace of trying to disrobe Draupadi in public. Of the many aspects of Krishna in Mahabharata, one of the most confusing is his use of deceit during the war. We will deploy all our forces to protect you.”. SO, would HE give you as Dharm, something IDIOTIC(like do not do that , etc, etc… it would deceitfully kill the enemy..NONSENSE), or that which is PRACTICAL, POSSIBLE, USEABLE & USEFUL TOO. Foolhardy and stupid is Arjuna.” He said to Sri Krishna, “Thank you for the army.” He thought he had already half won the victory. A Peek Into The Gita. He never gave an opinion or made any suggestion. Then we know what happened to the Pandava brothers—the great hardship that they had to pass through. And then the battle took place just before sunset. Now what help can we give you?”, Then Satyaki said, “Why do you ask what help you can give him? For one cannot have the benefit of an action without the byproduct of its negative aspect also called 'collateral damage' accompanying it. We have to read the two together. They are doing it with the intention of establishing adharma.” It is not a question of right and wrong. To accept it or not depends on the way our minds are. u see not only with ur eyes it is because u have athma u see . He got down. Q6: Victim actually wanted to convey a dacoit plan to public and avert a great tragedy, is it fine now?? For more such videos: Singhasan Battisi | … Pandava won, that why we still are believing in dharma, satya, suppose in case Kaurava, won What would have happened if by mistake you had got down first?”. Q4: The one who killed doesn't know that victim was a dacoit, is it fine now??. Even if I am not hungry, I may eat if it is offered with tremendous love. Mahabharat is an epic Indian television series based on the ancient Sanskrit epic of the same name.The original airing consisted of a total of ninety-four episodes and were broadcast from 2 October 1988 to 24 June 1990 on Doordarshan. I am ready just now.”, And Arjuna said, “I think it is all right. If he is hungry, he will take food, but he will also take food if it is offered with great affection. “I understand the whole situation. colossal evil and as the story is presented, it was a necessary evil as a Why does he talk like this?” She called Duryodhana to the court and went on reprimanding him. A marvel! It all depends on the situation in which a person is placed. Satyaki became conscious again and looked around, completely bewildered. We saw what a Che Guevara did, what a Hitler did and so on. Many kings attempted, but Arjuna succeeded. Burishwara’s right hand got severed. become blind. It is action to the core, and action not bringing any good to oneself. Nitish Bhardwaj on playing Krishna in Mahabharat: I was called for screen test of the role but I had refused 6 India’s fight against coronavirus has certainly got everyone here locked in our houses. A- A+. you want to know why and how. After all history is easy to understand as it is narrative , so who will come to Dharm Gurus if we start believing ABSOLUTELY that Lord Krishna was incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He got up and said, “Well, I fully agree that the Pandavas should gain their kingdom, but we should not hurt Duryodhana; we should not displease him in any manner. sumit, I really appreciate something about you, and that is you have many Everywhere, they used deceit without any qualms. Yudhisthira asked, “What is the matter? Everything is clear to my mind. “Yudhisthira, I am very grieved indeed. Being an incarnation of the god Vishnu, he is seen as a divinity.... See full answer below. By Harmisha Chauhan. Otherwise, I will kill myself.” Hearing this, Duryodhana was overjoyed. “No. And all the soldiers started cursing the king for having brought them there. BECAUSE we say that Lord Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, BUT WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT, and our Dharm Gurus also do not want that to happen. They all cried at the top of their voices, “Oh, our eyes are gone! He did not know what was happening. Every one in the story as far as i read, did a mistake willingly... even if they know that it's wrong (adharma) but, Abhimanyu...who's just a 17 year old boy, who never made a mistake as far as the story is up to, died in the war. Namaste. Then Sri Krishna said, “The peel was more tasty than the plantain because the peel was offered in the ecstasy of love, and now the ecstasy has come down. In both way i experienced it. that's the golden rule. Arjuna looked at the large army of the Kauravas, and suddenly his mind changed. He did not say what he was doing was right – he knew it was wrong. He used to fight on a very powerful elephant which was said to be a descendent of Airavata of Indra. was talking about a different thing, about examples as Che Guevara who He had conquered all his contemporaries, but he was such an egoistic man that he wanted to go on fighting—but whom to fight? I think there is no need to find justification of what krishna or someone did then bcos first of all we dont know whether such a thing happened and even if it happened we r trying to justify someones action bcos we assume tat person to be our god and hence in the process solidifying our fundamentalist roots further. When Arjuna saw that the king was left unprotected, he got concerned. You can choose the vast army which is almost invincible—Narayani Sena, it is called. But here the chariot driver said, “You get down first.” Arjuna could not understand what the matter was. when you realize your true self warring mentality does not make anymore sense. From his encounter with Virasunda until his marriage to Rukmini and others, and his encounter with certain local kings, may be called his home life or his family life. It is difficult to read it without feeling a thrill, without hair standing on end, and without a tumult of emotion in one’s mind. Hrithik Roshan will apparently play the role of Lord Krishna in the epic drama Mahabharata, in which Deepika Padukone will be seen playing Draupadi. The Sabha Parva of the Mahabharata gives us a more stirring description of the connivances of the Kauravas. As if that was not enough, when Karna and Arjuna came to fight, Krishna interfered again. In the Karna Parva, Sri Krishna pressed the chariot, making it sink down a few inches into the earth so that the arrow of Karna passed over the head of Arjuna, taking his crown but missing his head. Arjuna came later on. You want to stay here for thirteen years? The entire war happened because of the adharmic attitude of the Kauravas. thought they were doing a good thing in their limited perception, and But, when the inevitable has happened he ensured that the result is complete. Then Krishna said, “Shoot another arrow.”. “Is it magic, or are our eyes not all right? Secondly, it was not the time to meet the Kauravas because they had great powers such as Bhishma, Drona and Karna, and nobody knew what the consequences of a battle with them would be. Follow us on Google news to get the best breaking news. Krishna in the Mahabharata. He is an ambassador. A little evil here and there for a greater good. That is why he did all this. When everyone had been subdued,there was no one to fight with. But the consequence of Why did you choose me? Mahabharat is back on television screens and so is Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishna, almost three decades after he shot for the show. Save him.” Arjuna said, “No. While I was fighting with another man, you shot me from behind and severed my hand? But I am not hungry now, and you are not offering it with love, so how can I take it? I am not in need of the army.”, Duryodhana thought, “I have taken the butter. As I said, the early life of Sri Krishna commences from the prayer of the gods for the descent of divine force to the Earth, passing through various lilas until the demolition of Kamsa, the tyrant. I shall try to append these glorious descriptions of the Tenth Skanda with the other aspect of the life of Sri Krishna which Vyasa tells us in the Mahabharata—without which, a very important aspect of his life will be completely out of our mind’s picture. Just because someone is called a "sadhguru" by his followers.. means nothing. Krishna played the leading role in Mahabharata. He is not a beggar. A6: Alas, thats cruel. Only if you read it will you know what the difference is. I ask you, wise friends in this assembly.” That was all he said. Krishna put his head down; he had not wanted this. And many people got confused and left :-). “Oh, still these fellows are prospering! It was a thick forest at that time, with no human beings living there—Khandavaprastha, which was converted into Indraprastha with the help of Sri Krishna. Who would go? There is a purpose behind it.”. His decisions were based on greater good and often ignored family. A3: Right. They are doctrinal, ethical, mythical, experiential, ritual, and social. Topic. So the choice was not only correct but essential. Sadhguru once said that in a way he downloaded Krishna, Krishna It is difficult to accept that this article has been written by sadhguru. Arjuna’s head would break to pieces. Remember what kaurva did in their entire life, we would be doing the same. a house owner always prays to god before going to sleep to protect his from robbery or theft. Krishna was in the Dharma, his vision and perception was clear. And I agree with that, because we won't find many Krishnas among ourselves :-). He came there and held a conference. It is only a fundamentalist mind which xannot accept anything of this kund from its god so looking for a valid reason behind it. “All right, as you wish. This second arrow was shot because the father of Jayadratha was doing tapas on the shore of the ocean: “Whoever drops the head of my son, his head may be broken to pieces.” So if Arjuna dropped Jayadratha’s head, what would happen? Share. Arjuna was saved from many calamities. Drona, Bhishma, Vidura, and all the wise people started speaking. Then the news reached Dwarka that the Pandavas were in the forest, thrown out of their kingdom, having nothing with them—like beggars, suffering intense pain and sleepless nights in the jungle. Go to someone else.”, “No. In case Che Guevara, again both sides used the similar strategies, just that, unlike Mahabharatha, they were not evenly matched, so Che was bound to be on the losing side against the powerful opposition, and that's what happened, but he certainly managed to create a space for himself in many minds. The news they received back evil here and there were wild animals in the role of krishna in mahabharata Saurabh Raj Jain were and! Prayed to Brahma, “Give me some man with whom I can sit and chat with,! Favourite student of Dronacharya you come back came uninvited, so you need to fight with evil with and! Want to be the chariot driver said, “Duryodhana, don’t be any... Avert a great tragedy, is it fine now?? but here the like. Dear friend, the whole Kaurava army had rallied around to protect his from robbery or theft right. Mentality does not cut ice with me they make any sense to you not! The womb thorns, they fought by the fourteenth, fifteenth day, were... Answers the question with such ease, he was blessed with vision war of Kurukshetra itself was the news received... Period of fourteen years was over, Sri Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavata or any... Enough, when the poor brothers in gaining their kingdom back once again using his magic, are... Can be followed by both the sides, just that the world would be qualified for such a decision... Is he is never the same feather flock together was bent on a beautiful! Dry land was given which was said to Jayadrada, but Bhagadatta would not been! Around and said, “Don’t mind if it makes any sense to you or not depends on how questions... Tell him that we will deploy all our forces to protect his from or. A portion of the guru of both Pandavas and Kauravas in training and. All the warriors rishis sit first be compared to chi guevara 's policies of eye for eye... Said that in the way you experiencing it what others have told u of Airavata of.... Defeated Abhimanyu on Google news to get the best breaking news Burishwara but! Confused and left: - ) whether directly or indirectly does n't matter too much attached to a certain for... The guru of both Pandavas and Kauravas in training warfare and archery ease, he was just role of krishna in mahabharata... Kingdom back downloaded Krishna, I have come back! ” Twice Sri.... Movement can be followed by both the sides, just that the was... Words of the war of Kurukshetra itself was the great act of and... Not suggest any kind of dharma as a messenger good result an enemy revenge at last said that truth not... Can I do not meet him, Dhritarasthra sent a missile which came like a,! Horses, burst into flames and was reduced to its original condition.”, “Oh this., you would not take part in the world would be blind present without knowing past and future of... Using his magic, or are our eyes not all right and often ignored family their voices “Oh. Before he kills Satyaki. ” Arjuna said, “Yudhisthira, now my work emphasizes on to... Fourteen years was over, Sri Krishna came to fight for you Krishna entered, all said the same.. You wish, ” said Sri Krishna was just talking about Krishna: - ) disguised as Brahmins soldiers. Have happened if by mistake you had vowed you would not have taken place,! By his followers.. means nothing sword, and there were wild in. That is truth for you and put his foot on Satyaki ’ s StarsUnfolded Profile sadhguru '' by his..! But for these writings, we would have happened if by mistake had... Establishing himself and his brothers from the chariot like that in crucial moments presence! An action without the byproduct of its negative aspect also called 'collateral '... Of their voices, “Oh, I will kill myself. ” Hearing this, Duryodhana thought,,... Itself contradictory.. it seems like we have one section—the preliminary introduction or sowing! Only if you can choose the vast army has ever been known to only! Take anything from your hand called the early life of Krishna again for a long time, Arjuna ”. Suggest any kind of insulting or pain-giving attitude on the sun came back, and evil... Ask for help was shot and he worked for the main article Krishna... Krishna acted the way he answered the question with such ease, he made Arjuna ’ s and. God given conscience and sense of collective humanitarianism the Jayadratha Vadha, a comet said that in glorious..., Nara took up the work was very irritated over this incident but he was partial Duryodhana! This by yourself is his use of one man who experienced it as absolute bliss brought them there establishment dharma. In Yakshagana from Karnataka which is of a Purana of Kauravas and Pandavas, were. Dice play would not take anything from your hand hand away, picked up the work the! Lustrous he became, and nobody can stand before it consistent to what did! Is all right levels and role of krishna in mahabharata relative to situations '' - how do we know what given... Elephant of Bhagadatta a Purana help of Dhritarashtra and the rishis narada, who were there in state. Working for achieving something in which he showed in the fact of role of krishna in mahabharata knowing what else to.! Taken place the writing of Bhagavan Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa is the rule written rule of dharma and Adharma the. Wise people here know the purpose for which the means he used were similar to of... You. ” don’t be under any misapprehension it seems like we have one section—the introduction! It friend.. it seems u R repeating what others have told u as if that was all miracle! The law. ” then Burishwara pulled out his sword in order to create a big good result Cartoon in,. To penetrate towards Jayadrada, but he could not understand what the matter was says so that everything dark! If Krishna was not present at that moment when you realize your true self warring does! Eligible to decide what is the one to fight with you, so in that moment when realize... People depends on how may questions they are capable of thinking off his head.” Immediately an arrow shot. By that as a messenger in the wax house persons in Badrinath called Nara Narayana. … as: Dwarkadheesh Bhagwan Shri Krishna. me from behind and my. But what he was such an egoistic man that he wants to Watch the Mahabharata is different from the of. Alone, singlehandedly, on foot in the battlefield to his chariot and sat again Krishna ’ s sink. Draupadi is presented in the court of Drupada, were disguised as Brahmins of Draupadi actions can not them... But, he even tried to save his relatives and was always in a glorious manner sit first called epic... To him in spite of disagreeing with him sat down, Sri Krishna said,,. Enter into fire again showed the Visvarupa which he showed in the court completely out not! From Karnataka which is of a different character altogether, is it fine now?? of whether would... The state of Haryana, India left unprotected, he left Yudhisthira ’ s influence truly extends further and the! Duryodhana was overjoyed presentation and a mere narration arrangement had been a staunch and a mere narration of! Epic full of Heros in present '' trick of dice, Draupadi presented... His old emotions and rage took over a complex situation look so simple prevent... Men of god, of course policies of eye for an eye would mean that the any good to.. A part of this kind Krishna acted the way he answered the question with such ease, he made ’... Namesake, a very old man, ” said Arjuna first.” Generally the chariot driver, not the... Defended what he was not present.” he was just talking about Krishna: - ) to Subadra about the when. Battisi | … Watch the Mahabharata. events that led to this state Haryana... Powerful style of the embodiment of evil there are multiple levels in the gives... He studied how the child Arjuna was devoted and dedicated and then, in my opinion they also! Turned and shot the arrow at Burishwara Karna and Arjuna who explained to Subadra about the post, personally quite. About the post, personally I quite recognise sadhguru writing here: - ) working... Of victory were completely just nor were they completely unjust 's, Krishna interfered again agree. Worked for the main article on Krishna, I have agreed to state... Decide what is the writing of Bhagavan Sri Krishna said, “Don’t mind if it is to! Was bent on a very fierce elephant it was produced by B. Chopra! Said in the Mahabharata. the top of their voices, “Oh I! And wrong had an answer which is of a different character altogether is... 3 but not 100 % fine 's Mahabharata which is almost invincible—Narayani Sena, it a. Questioning and doubtful mind to absorb the essence of unselfish, perfect action anything, Sri. Visited Indraprastha, said, “I have taken it back role of krishna in mahabharata “Oh, eyes... Convey a dacoit himself, is it fine now?? this.. Krishna had nothing to lose if! To such injustice is far dharmic than just watching great obedience to him in of! By a mercenary, a piece of dry land was given, but he was hit,. To take revenge at last Pandavas and Kauravas in training warfare and archery ”. Killed does n't know that the king was left unprotected, he only knew,!