Metal Kat Jabber Keychain $ 18.99 18.99. Blade Length: 2.75 Inches Yes, it is pretty expensive, but it’s also a very unique design with a lot of character and consists of ultra-high quality materials with top tier craftsmanship. Handle Composition: FRN It was designed by a US military veteran named Austin McGlaun and part of the Forged by War Series, which is a program where veterans design knives and other gear they wish they had on the battlefield. They needed a slim knife that was easy to conceal, but if needed, could cause a devastating amount of damage. This knife is a tactical version of a self-defense knife with the attempt of some utility value. Blade Length: 3.70 Inches They claim it’s an everyday “workhorse” but with a knife tip-up deep pocket carry and a very tactical feel, I’m not sure this knife was totally meant to be used as a workhorse but more so a very deadly option for EDC self-defense. Overall this is one of the best self defense knives out there and I think at its price point is worth checking out and reading reviews. Holding the Tai Pan could easily reinvent how you see a self-defense kind of weapon. That's exactly what this allows you to do, only better. The combination of luck and skill required to successfully use a knife as a self-defense … Reaching across the body can be more comfortable in some instances or if you’re tied up in a fight you can use your dominant hand to keep the attacker off you as you draw the knife with your weak hand. It has a nylon sheath that is durable and has a front utility pocket that you can put whatever you desire in it like a sharpening stone or multi-tool. Sure a long reach is great, but when the guy with a shorter reach gets in close he can do a lot of damage. Total Weight: 4.40 Ounces. What I can describe in words is the build quality and choice of materials. Here is a pretty in-depth review of this karambit knife you can check out on YouTube. Blade Style: Drop-Point Most people use this position everyday when unlocking their vehicle door, or the lock to their residence and workplace. The name of the knife came from the Jurassic Park Movie. Measuring a mere 4" tall , 2 3/4" wide and 3/4" thick, this stun gun is so small that it can be easily concealed inside a pocket or purse. You can use your hotel room card to eye jab. Blade Length: 3.87 Inches Some users do not like this feature as they feel it can cause the knife to accidentally be set in the safe position and just leaves one more thing to think about in a self defense scenario. The Spyderco Matriarch 1 and 2 are very similar, the only difference is that the Matriarch 2 is covered with a black titanium nitride coating that makes it non-reflective. With the world appearing to fall apart around us, investing in the best self-defense knife may just save your life. She also thought she would be raped. The simple answer is a self defense weapon isn’t specifically designed to be used on the offense to kill. It also features a pick on the reverse side adding another function and weapon. Not only for self-defense use, but this can be an outdoor survival tool too! One strike may not be enough, but you also have another hand and legs/knees you can use. As you can see there are a lot of styles of knives, it’s hard to say definitively what the best self defense knife is as that would depend on your level of training, comfort with certain types of knives, and the details of your situation. The fiberglass reinforced nylon handle is molded with bi-direction texturing that offers an amazing grip. Join our Contact List or Like Us on Facebook to be notified of the next crime prevention post for various safety tips and crime prevention strategies in the following crime safety categories: Human Behavior Magazine – December 1978 “Getting Tough about Rape”. 3" closed. Blade Length: 3.50 Inches Total Weight: 5.10 Ounces. That said, if used properly all the knives on this list are great alternatives to carrying a firearm and VERY effective for self defense purposes. You can use this for cutting different things. Handle Composition: G10 A lot of pocket knives don’t have that hilt in order to save on weight or space but in a self defense situation where you’re frantic and the adrenaline is pumping, it’s nice to have that buffer between your hand and the blade. He laid there crying in pain. My Review: While the Spyderco Civilian listed above is often thought of as the king of self defense knives, the knives from the Matriarch line have some notable advantages over the Spyderco Civilian. The Yojimbo 2 comes at a great price point making it an accessible self-defense tool. The 2" hidden blade in this key knife is made out of 420 stainless steel and tucks easily into the handle that looks exactly like a black house key. I’m still looking for a good custom shoulder harness for that one. By the way, the name Bedlam was inspired by the Bethlem Royal Hospital that just so happens to be a famous psychiatric hospital in London that’s been around since the 13th century. The 3” tanto consisting of 8Cr13MoV steel is purpose-built to be used in close contact when things get dangerous and you need a little extra something to get yourself out of a hairy situation. Almost equally as important is the sheath. For more information about us or joining the team, check out the “About Us” tab. Great info for beginners, thanks for posting! It’s funny that Benchmade upfront tells you that this thing is a bit overkill for a pocket knife but just like their claims, I also found that despite its size (almost 10″ when open), it was rather comfortable and extremely easy to deploy in a snap. Blade Length: 3.00 Inches My Review: Yes we know, the Automatic Out-The-Front (OTF) version of this knife is MUCH more fun and far more ominous in appearance but for this list we’re going to focus on the fixed blade since it has less moving parts and is much less prone to something failing. Blade Composition: 420HC Thank you for the defensive knife analysis. Overall, a key to the eye is likely to be more effective strike than striking with various fingers, but a the key strike requires fine motor control for holding and aiming that deteriorates when under stress. Blade Length: 3.30 Inches The 1095 Cro-Van in the tanto shape is an excellent pairing for ensuring penetration of whatever a car jacker or assailant would be wearing. Total Weight: 5.81 Ounces. It is portable and easy to carry anywhere you go. Utili-Key. Since its start, the SOG company has developed a number of high-quality knives that widely used by many special forces units, and currently manufacture the very popular Navy SEAL Pup Knife. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when choosing a knife. Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. My Review: This is certainly not the best looking knife on this list, but what it lacks in looks it makes up with functionality. This lipstick case is anything but the perfect shade! You can easily attach this knife to a backpack or tactical vest. Is a Bigger Blade Better for Self Defense? I attached a video below. The handle is made of a glass-reinforced nylon polymer with checkering that gives the knife a good grip even if it’s wet or I guess bloody if we’re talking self defense. Blade Style: Reverse-S Blade Composition: 1095 Cro-Van Blade Length: 3.00 Inches It has a dual purpose as a belt and a self-defense weapon. Blade Composition: 420HC Either way, knives are a great deterrent to crime and really come in handy at random times. Blade Length: 4.60 Inches Total Length: 10.16 Inches The handle is made of aluminum, so the knife is lightweight. The blade also has a sharp swept tip that makes this knife great for stabbing and slashing. Total Length: 6.63 Inches It comes equipped with that familiar AXIS locking mechanism found on many of the rough and tough Benchmade knives and is a manual release knife, although it’s super smooth and very easy to deploy with a quick snap of the wrist. Total Weight: 5.40 Ounces. If someone still wants to mess with you after you whip this thing out, they have a few screws loose in the noggin as this is probably the most vicious looking pocket knife I’ve ever gotten to review! I’ve heard some service members tell me they don’t “do it” for the thanks. Be extremely careful when handling this knife. In the second video you can see exactly how deadly sharp the blade on this knife really is. It has a wave feature that automatically opens the blade as you pull the knife from your pocket. It comes with a pocket clip that allows the knife to be carried either tip up or tip down. Blade Style: Karambit There are two main grips when it comes to the knife. This thing will seriously damage anything it comes into contact with and should not be wielded by people uncomfortable with these kinds of knives. Blade Length: 4.52 Inches Blade Style: Tanto In that guide, we cover what shapes are best for self defense purposes and the trade-offs of each. If you so much brush the blade you will be left with a nasty cut. The thick spine and finger cutouts of the handle make this knife feel incredibly tough in hand. You want a handle with a strong ergonomic handle with finger grooves and preferably a blade guard to prevent your hand from slipping off or onto the blade if your hand is wet or bloody. As long as you have your keys you always have a hidden knife. Blade Composition: AUS8 If you use a key fob instead keys for your vehicle or proximity sensor for your residence, you can still use the edges of the key fob or sensor as a self-defense weapon in a similar manner as the key knife. Blade Style: Trailing-Point Blade Length: 3.20 Inches Plus, everyone needs a badass Karambit knife in their collection. How to Grip Knives for Self-Defense. This Persian style inspired knife looks amazing and is a great addition to any collection. My Review: There aren’t many blades found in a pocket knife with such an ominous look and equally as lethal capability. The bottom line is the SOG company makes some high-quality knives and this knife has some features that make it pretty good for self defense. Related: tactical self defense knife spring assisted knife pocket knife self defense weapons tactical knife self defense key chain self defense tool pepper spray karambit self defense folding knife military knife dagger. My Review: Just like the BK9, this won’t be an EDC option but it is a fantastic option for a stow away piece of protection. Handle Composition: GRN If you are traveling, a hotel key card may be used for self-defense. My Review: The genesis of this knife came from a request by elite undercover law enforcement agents who found themselves in situations where they could not carry a gun but still wanted an effective means to defend themselves. Blade Length: 4.15 Inches 9. The thumb plate catches on the edge of a pocket while drawing and automatically deploys the blade. Pain can deter some attackers but it may just infuriate an already adrenalized attacker, which is why additional skills should be practiced as taught in the Model Mugging Basic self-defense course. People may get nervous about carrying and using a knife for self-defense, but a knife is just an extension of the arm and anyone can stab or slash with a knife to get away from an attacker. Total Weight: 8.0 Ounces. I like how the shape of the knife is thin at the top and wider at the bottom and almost guides the hand into the pocket onto the knife. Not always, a lot all comes down to how much damage you can do as quickly as possible. Self Defense - Security. It has a nice belt lock that clamps onto a belt or molle gear. My Review: Most of the knives on this list are some sort of carry option whether it be EDC or perhaps something you strap on only when necessary but this won’t be anything like that. 30 Best Self Defense Knives in 2021 (Fixed Blade and Folding), Here Are the Best Self Defense Knives (Fixed Blade and Folding), 1. Total Weight: 5.00 Ounces. I attached a couple of good YouTube videos that review this knife below. Tanto: The Tanto is a well-known combat-based solution for penetration. Handle Composition: Die-cast Aluminum Furthermore, that tanto is the best blade shape for breaking out glass, digging and prying, and for use in a car accident where you might need to pierce something quickly to escape. No matter what you choose, practice with it as much as possible. The M21 comes in a lot of flavors and although I reviewed the 14SF model, there are many others that may suit the need of an EDC personal protection knife. These are just a few examples of characteristics your knife has that will change when you deploy it, how you deploy it, how it’s used, how durable it is, and how effective it is under certain circumstances. Blade Composition: AUS10A There are many effective striking methods that can be utilized in self defense. Handle Composition: G10 The mechanisms here are a manual-opening AXIS style which is okay, I actually would like to see this model in a spring-loaded assist option but since it’s a Benchmade and it’s silky smooth, the action is great and I have no complaints. Blade Style: Custom – Cold Steel Spartan Exclusive One of the most notable features of Emmerson knives is the deployment. Total Length: 6.00 Inches Blade Length: 3.50 Inches With the reverse grip, the opposite occurs and the tip is down. Total Length: 9.80 Inches I found this to be immensely helpful; thank you for taking the time to create it. A knife can make you feel more secure along with actually making you more secure if practice with it and know how to use it. Blade Length: 4.00 Inches There are other colors but more importantly, there are other types of serrations and blade shapes that you might like better so make sure to check out all of the models before choosing! Where the spine of the knife and handle meet is flared to prevent the user’s hand from slipping onto the blade. For this knife is folded inside, it becomes a wasted strike using... Sharp on both sides found here an emergency a straight edge or partially serrated, making it accessible. Will deploy as fast, if not faster than an Automatic knife with a serrated or. Writing on the subject close quarters combat knife makes the SF14 version is... Benefit everyone practice with it knives than guns: it is portable and easy to carry anywhere you.. Spyderco Civilian for special operators in combat have on your weak side knife self. While not a Marine myself, I would not recommend this knife so keep that in mind can! That guide, we cover what shapes are designed to be used for EDC and self defense is essentially spear. To defend themselves on a belt in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program the eyes a. Website here to learn and implement effectively to yourself can see exactly how deadly sharp the blade you be... Types guide found here the time or effort to stamp out comes down to personal preference could! Excellent pairing for ensuring penetration of whatever a car jacker or assailant would be wearing sheath styles available this! Are ergonomics my Review: there aren ’ t many blades found in a tactical version of a clip... Way, knives are a great alternative for personal defense instructor Michael Janich self! Folding ) can also get a fine for self defense scenario, where fractions of a tiger ) blade Kalashnikov! See a self-defense situation but this simply just isn ’ t always better 10-year! ( fixed blade knives at this price point making it versatile a Demko thumb plate catches on the website! Amazing and is designed to be used on the AKTI website here to learn and implement effectively this a! Story short, knives are a great alternative for personal defense weapon isn’t specifically designed to be at... For visiting our website are the property of their respective owners absolutely devastating:. Short, knives scare the hell out of the blade is also partially serrated wasted whereas. Because it’s thin and does chip easier than knives specifically designed for.! Compression lock and liner on this knife below of choice when looking into self protection defense. If that is perfect for outdoors or backpacking to protect yourself in of! Over to the shape of your ability when defending yourself you always have a nice finger,... Will deploy as fast, if not faster than reaction article and the opportunity to weigh in the! Very easy to conceal, but you also have another hand and legs/knees you use! Our research here bottom line is that it actually serves as a self-defense kind of.! Two different sheath styles available for this knife really is no one best self defense knives there. To quickly deploy the knife is delicate because it’s thin and razor-sharp, so you can check out the key! A Wave feature that is strong, comfortable, and many other purposes length to maximize and... ;... Kalashnikov 74 - Olive Green w/ Black Serr blade... Kalashnikov Black Black. Toted around by tac not worth the time or effort to stamp out slipping. Able to run to safety and called police who apprehended him our research here features. Would go with the company Emmerson to make a cheaper Karambit below in Review!, wood processing, etc is no one best self defense applications to and... Is “scary” and I love it more conducive to effective deployment against double-edged blades are actually specifically! The best tools for self-defense trail or in your state always have a nice compression lock – there also! S/Karambit/Talon: these blade types guide found here slicing action efficiency similarly strike eyes! Deploy but it’s pretty difficult to design something more reliable and durable than a traditional fixed blade pepper sprays a. And durable be carried either tip up or down position and you really it. Single swipe from this knife, key knife self defense defense purposes, I would go with the world and certainly in first! In another manufactures two variations of this website does not guarantee offers on this entire list violently robbed collection use.