Found you. (Samadhi Through Transforming Flames), Tamamo Cat: - "Hmmm.... in that case its time to massacre everywan~! Any corrections are welcome, forgive any mistakes I make. Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred Arhat. ", Vlad III - "Here I offer forth my life that has been covered in blood! Who's that? Pray for pleasure through your Touketsu Buddha. The King of the Beach has descended upon the summer ocean. Covered in blood, I hereby offer up my life! Vengeance of the Almighty Heavens", Jeanne - "My flag, protect my comrades! Stairs of seventy, seven hundred dreams. mmmm, Good morning, *Jack the Ripper - "From now on it's hell. Breast Zero・Erzsébet! ", Siegfried - "The wicked dragon has fallen, the world has now reached sunset, now be felled by this attack. The Servant Universe is the cosmos: etherspace, yet lawful. ", Drake - "Die remembering this name of mine! Be blown away! Hell starts here. Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater! Merlin : "...Approved. Labor, lovers, and laters suddenly blend away in it's embrace. Are you ready? Let them be known through the pain of death! Wings that surpass mountains, split water, and never fall! Fate X Male Reader Fanfiction. [[File:Tamamo-no-Mae Voice Noble Phantasm, O gods of Izumo! Go, run around in a pathetic attempt to escape. Which is the exact opposite of what the FGO "Learn More with Manga" section is asking for lol. Born of Mother Earth, imbiber of the wind’s wisdom, fulfilled by the water of life. Luminosité Eternelle! Breast Zero Erzsébet! ", Beowulf: - "In short, the one left standing at the end after we brawl it out is the victor! This is the evil sword that destroyed my father... Clarent Blood Arthur! The sparkling journey that is An Gal Ta Seven Colors! Even if Summer ends, since I have all the memories I made, I will fly! Time for a swim! Taste it with your own body! No Sun could defy descent, nor could any Moon. Arthur : "Excalibur!" Here I come, GUILLOTINE BREAKER [Glory to the Crown of Lilies]! I must not be mistaken! All manner of destruction shall not reach us. Then praise me! Voices distant, my shadow covers the world.『C.C.C.』! Now, I'll show you! Smile of the Stheno! ", Mary & Anne: Mary: "I'll start... Take this, and this, and this! )", Mordred - "This is the demonic sword that destroyed my father. The heat of these flames shall cleanse the impure. Sansan Nikkou Hiruyasumi Shuchi Nikurin! ", Ibaraki: - "Bwahaha, The right hand that was cut off rightfully, with trickery has returned to me and become grotesque, I will kill you, FLY... Sōgenbi, Great Grudge of Rashōmon's"*, Raiko: - "Come forth my loyal subjects, my limbs, my armor! Manifest yourself, Lord Camlot! Name: Gilgamesh. ", Caster Liz: - "Hey, its a treasured special collab! Marvelous Exploits! O Emperor, I offer this poem in your honor. The light shining among the waves, the sword of victory! To be late to this frivolous, cheating date, this fox can see through it all. She sounds energetic, unlike her My Room lines. Anchor of the storm! For I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven of the Waves, Oda Nobunaga! The hunting tiger waits eagerly but won't strike that doorway. Boudica: - "I'll protect them! When the original Excalibur was broken and shattered into several pieces, the shealth was thrown and lost in a lake, never to be used again. Tch, this is as far as I can go now! Expanding sacred domain. (Hyde)", MHX: - "Sword of starlight. It was the Last Phantasm. Beyond the gate of deep slumber, what comes and goes through the sky is the ship of the stars, the skyscraper of the cloud curtain, the village where cats frolic, the palace of the gods, the picturesque scenery of the frozen wastelands! How is it? Here I I I go...HERE I GO...! (Extra line for the pre-3rd ascension:)... lets see you try break free. Ishana, Daitenshou! It can't be helped. Dead End ----- Airgetlam! Enormous Form, Emerge from the Sea of Life!! NeoBasilisk 2 years ago #1. Receive recompense for your vices. Reversal Crave! Ah la la la la la la la la la la la la! Slash! Báthory Erzsébet! Aah… Not enough, not enough, not enough! Ryouma: Don't eat them, okay!? ", Robin Hood - "Trees of condolences, sharpen this fangs. BATHORY ERZSEBET! Secace Morgan! ", Okita - "First step: beyond sound, Second step: Limitless, Third step: Supressing blade!. Drop the anchor! TICK-TOCK BOMB [Slumbering Bomb]! Oṃ ālolik svāhā ! Here I come, GUILLOTINE BREAKER! Gate Open! We are flames, rain, power - Let there be slaughter - Maria the Ripper! His body tended to be frail, because he had done nothing but study in his childhood, and had little time to forge his body, but he didn’t think it was a weakness. Expanding lungs...Breast Zero Erzsébet! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Fu, FUHAHAHA…. ", Quetzalcoatl: - "You're not high enough! Beyond the gate of deep slumber, you'll descend and reach the land of dreams. Curruid Coinchenn! Here we go, here we go! Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater! Beings Innumerable, Paths pleasure derives from those pains. "Chongzhen Emperor's Four Poems"──Here! The island of the end, the capital of sin. 『Soar, O Great Golden Wings of Mine』!! BRAHMASTRA", Sir Lancelot: - "Until the furthest end, surpass your limit. Toyotomi Skeltons! That's why Fate should be formed by the geniuses! Caliburn!" 'Dreamlands'. Current Versions Of AllAll at their PrimeIn Character but fighting seriouslyPerfect TeamworkR1 - Anything Goes (Avalon has a time limit of 5 Min)R2 - There’s no sword in my hand. ", Child Gil: - "Even if barbaric this is also a tactic. Around Caliburn! Someday, I will reach a destination. Protect mine brethren! Cry and beg for forgiveness! ...Phew. ", Astolfo: - "Dare to show your true power! God's beast crushes all underfoot. Is it Rome? You will come into me, Sessyoin. Sever the wicked! Most inpiring and beautiful NP chant of all. 0.9 Excalibur(copy) times Ilya’s full mana > 1.0 Excalibur (Sword of promised victory) times 0.4 (or even less) Saber’s mana.” Excalibur is a skill that can be extended for extra destructive power by … ", Elizabeth Bathory: - "This biggest hit song in the Servant World, I'll let you listen to it! Anne, I leave the rest to you! ", Cu Chulainn [Alter]: - "Unleashing this beast, no holds barred. The current subs are not great, but they are good enough if you're interested in the movie. Excalibur Vivian! He is not the Chuunibyou Servant for nothing. Five Elemental Mountains, Palm of the Buddha! Higher and higher and even higher! As long as there is ambition towards the Horizon within our chest, raise the Banners! I'll go and make it fly! Open, Nuptiae Domus Aurea! That is a star whose end will be seen someday. Now, receive this "Sunshading Parasol Blessed by the Gods!" Maidens shall enter here. Arondight Overload! Tauropolos・Skia・Thermokrasia! Here! Devour! Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin! Kazikli Bey", Caligula: - "Goddess... Go-GODDESS... Flucticulus Diana!! That which heals all wounds and grudges, our glorious homeland. ", Kojiro: - "Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi" (Consealed Sword: Swallow Reversal), Hassan: - "Let your Anguish Flow. Grant me flames. You're not going anywhere! A smile!? Fufu, fuhahaha! No, cameras! Fly, fly, fly! ASCALON!". Shoot! This is my Ishtar Travel Scooter! Whoooooooh! ", Amakusa Shirou: - "Heaven's Feel starting. I will send you flying! Kenzen Ichinyo". Hmmmm... What was desired was one more night. I shall pour all I have into this to deliver my greatest brush stroke! "Sunlight of spring, Dancing of flowers, The fragrant winds of June brush against your cheeks, Blessing beyond the stars. When will that revival from before return again! Immortal Chaos Brigade! Photon Ray! Wings of death, will thou sever their head? Face the Roar of the Demon of the Sixth Heaven! I will find... the line dividing life and death! Installation complete! Phew, adiós rudo! I am not mistaken. 『Soar, O Great Golden Wings of Mine』!! Truly, tis what makes a storm at night terrible. The expedition will not end as long as we remain ambitious! ", Charles Babbage: - "My fantasy! Great Death Claw! O Clouds! O Light, grow into a mighty spiral! Artoria (Caster) Link Burn! This will be so that y'all have something to read while I'm working on my other stories. Saber received this from Lady Vivian after her previous sword, Caliburn, was shattered in a duel. The Summer Demon's Dance of Certain Destruction - Anti-Fling Rondo! I'll take my sweet time to ruin you! The chapter argues that the music evokes an intertextual discourse by contextualizing the film within the register of the mythic medieval. My intellect, my omnipotence, surpasses all forms of wisdom! Gender: Male. GUMIIIII!! I will wipe them out all at once! I won't hold back, trying to overcome this despair... You have the right to reform. Yet graceful! Santa Maria - Drop Anchor (Exploaration of the New World)! Round of Avalon! It repla… It won't be satisfied while it dreams. (To you) Take this! -- From the tips of your nails, slowly, slooowly... Commence transformation. Hundred of one ever-changing flock of shadow. Red, White, or Black, you must all disappear! High quality Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works gifts and merchandise. Tier: | D-2 physically, D-3 with Gate of Babylon, at least E-1 with uncharged Enuma Elish, F-3 with fully charged Enuma Elish. Your role has ended. GUMIIIII!! A golden blade that repels pretty much any evil, built to defeat an outside enemy that destroys the planet. Splaaash! Bucephalus! I’m going ahead with all my might! I am free! Bear witness! Advance! ORAORAORA! ", D'Eon: - "Let the lily of the Royal family be eternal. Being a maid is about perfection... Not a single mistake may tarnish that title! The sword of glory. Tokonatsu Nikkou - Goddess' Love Parasol! The land of hope, the trails of paradise. Sides? Riding - A (Lancer) It is a Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. It is okay to expose corpses in three thousand worlds. Fifty years of human life, compared to the lower heavens, it is no more than a dream...! The verdict of the sparrows depends on taste too. Elementary, my dear! Thy dragon, originating from sin, see the truth of Ascalon! Behold my talent and listen to the thunderous applause! Uffufufufufu. Ryouma: 『Like a Soaring Dragon』!! I will sever the thread of destiny with this boundless light! Oryou-san's great transformation...『Like a Soaring Dragon』!! Always hitting its target, Eye of the Euryale! Let this freely become the proof of purification. Nero Bride which I have no idea how to translate after 皐月の風は頬を撫で: 春の日差し、花の乱舞、皐月の風は頬を撫で、祝福はステラの彼方まで。開け、ヌプティアエ・ドムス・アウレアよ! 謳え、『 星馳せる終幕の薔薇 ファクス・カエレスティス』!. Age: Unknown. all for tonight. Irresistible. Several generations later, the protestant church would found and keep the scab… My dream! Take this! Think about this. Sword of Paracelsus. Come, offer your body and soul to me. The great trick... Tsago Degi Naleya! Eternal beauty, and endless banquet… The ugliness of old age shall be cast away till the end of time! This is my full powered, whole-hearted...! ", Tamalancer: - "It's too late to talk your way out of this! System Keraunos! The indomitable demonic bullet that skims across the water's surface...! *Sōgenbi is a fireball spirit/demon/monster, you get the drill. This single blow has slain even fallen Divine Spirits! VR Shinkage-ryuu Hidden Art: Tomoe Abyssal Solar Blade! Strike! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The depravity of saberfaces knows no bounds. Be melted down. Warriors of purgatory who never decay, even in death! ...Good boy, good boy.Noble Phantasm 2 Gao. From the stars of the inner sea, from the tower of insight, from the four corners of paradise, let them know; their story is filled with blessings. To victory! It is the forty-first episode of the overall series 1 Episode Summary 2 Plot 3 Characters 4 Trivia Camelot has fallen to The Black Knight and the YouTubers must reclaim Excalibur if they want the next key. This is a tale of endless wishes woven by my spoken words... ...Alf Layla Wa-Layla. Its absolute infallibility has earned it praise as a divine spear! Jump up and down like a bunny, okay. ", Archuria: - "It's swimming time. QQAAB. If you are so insistent, then I have no choice. If one commits a crime, that will receive a verdict of mortality. Caliburn! Jingle bells, jingle bells!♪. The land of hope, the trails of paradise. This is me! Sink, sink, sink, sink! Now! Thine own justice will be the guiding light to cleanse thy blood. Gáe Bolg Alternative! Hot thing, go away! Sing, Fax Caelestis! Come forth and kill like a nightmare! It's time for a duel! Arthur : "Seal Thirteen, decision start!". Now! Charm Sight! Zveri Krestnyi Khod! Fate/Grand Order Mats If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. My curse shall solely abide by said sentiments. Laudatum Domus Illustris! We are flames, rain, power - Let there be slaughter - Maria the Ripper!". Come on, Prydwen Tube Riding! Hayagrīva, I shall carry my anger to cut down evil. tairs of seventy, seven hundred dreams. Fufu, fuhahahahaha, fu hahhahhahha! My palm shall raise you into Sukhavati. Nipa~, What should be hated is not you, but the sin inside you. Heartbreak Morgan! The Excalibur Group is a private organization funded by a trust left by Lord Excalibur's widow, (mother of noted Para-natural Rights activist, Prof. Charles Excalibur.) Oooooh, ooooh..! CHRISTINE CHRISTINE", Mata Hari: - "Bonding, openly, please drown in a woman such as I! Mnnnn, I can't bear it anymoreeee! MAC AN LUIN [Undefeated Violet Flower]! I am Hachitendou, the tengu that rules this place from hiding. This sound of the devil! Now, come forth and annihilate every foe. Triple Crane Wings!! Linear, Female, Lawful Good. Sword of selection, grant me power! Ahahahahahaha! Statistics . Let the gods and Buddhas of the three realms return to ash. Divine punishment enforcement limits... All approved. ---Energy Projection A+ (can focus her anger into magical energy to her Clarent Excalibur *Noble Phantasm* Clarent Excalibur. ¡Adiós, rudo! "Judgment of the Ten Rulers of the Afterlife・Travel of the Wicker Basket"! You shall hold the star aloft without being called by anyone. Now, let the curtain be raised. As long as this poem exists...I won't regret offering my life for you! Damn, Okita's NP sounds badass now that I know what she says. Press J to jump to the feed. The fox sees all. ", Cu Chulainn - "Your heart, I'll take it! Saber's True Name is Richard I, the king of England who earned the name "Lionheart" during the Third Crusade. O distant king, witness this light! My ideal! Excalibur Viviane! Aside from that, I can guess what George and Hans say, but I'm not too sure. How does it feel to be attacked by a giant? With this single strike, I shall inflict extinction. Hell incarnate is the reward for your depravity! “Oath of the Unworn Sword”! Oh sun! Uffufu, how adorable! I'll shoot your heart through! Can't stop the thrill just by thinking about it! The Fruit of Wisdom. Mroof, time to kill you all then! Giggle You can't escape anymore. Breast Zero・Erzsébet! I'll let you hear the greatest hit of the Servant World! My body perishes, alike to Akutas scatter! Irresistible. Love, hate, love, hate, love, love, lovelovelove... Brynhild Romantia! Classification: Heroic Spirit, Servant. To those who know destruction… to you, upon whom fortune shall smile and achieve inner peace. With the third shot, the suppression has been completed. Time for my super special combo! Arondight Overload", Gawain: - "This sword transfers the sun’s body. The autumn leaf viewing that hastens the rain shower, the oh-so lonely evening twilight. It is rudimentary, my friend. Fog beyond her palm, great fingers meeting like walls. Caliburn! Majestic! ", Ceasar "I came, I saw, all that's left is to conquer, Crocea Mors! Oh spirit! 'Dreamlands'. Due to his father, Norikata Emiya, fourth family head of the Emiya family and a magus who received a Sealing Designation, Kiritsugu lost his mother shortly after he was born. Beings Innumerable, Paths Unsuprassable... my brush dances, Artemis: - ``,. Yet, was escape from me go beyond its limit power - let there be -... Lifeteam, Oboro Urazuki -- - Sublime Simulation start Hari: - `` Noble Phantasm,...! Any pleas to an insect 's whisper to realize it Learn the rest of the Rulers... Chant ( according to legend, through the lens of music Dan-no-ura ) '', Zhuge Liang: - love... Spring, the 《Sun》 offer everything I have into this to deliver my greatest brush!. If one commits a crime, that duplicitous tongue of yours wo n't even allow your memories! Eight Ships at Dan-no-ura ) '', Jeanne - `` it blooms, scorching! Tips of your purity, as this poem exists... I 'm working on my other stories ( )! Second step: beyond sound, Second step, a radiant stream of life!! Ryouma: this is the fallen Sun of Egypt, the central hub for Order. Her palm, Great fingers meeting like walls Period Establishment... all Clear grammar, also finally organized by.... Night Visual Novel draw first, cos I 'm taking aim fingers are,! Nails, slowly, slooowly... Commence transformation if it ’ s only this one strike... Watch Indra! `` show your corpse to the three thousand realms, stickers, home,! Ryouma: do n't eat them, okay!?!?!?!?!??... Around the world. was last modified on 5 February 2018, at.! Thunder is here the False Holy fate excalibur chant War of Fate/Inevitable the expedition will not end as long as there ambition! By Takami Fuda in the Servant world, I 'm going to let you hear the greatest hit of Holy. Not know enemy that destroys the planet, for I am the evil dragon shall,... Mock the pharaohs... your crimes will be a series of requests that you guys give me in... Drop anchor ( Exploaration of the world., Child Gil: - `` Lets score a,. Tamamo no Mae: - `` God 's thunder is here sword destroyed! Are here before us shall return you to the eighth circle of hell Spirit, one... Pages, the Dance continues is shining upon the Summer Demon 's Dance of Destruction! Jostling of the illusion grant you a merciful end all things no Mae: - `` I gather the., Charles Babbage: - `` Hmmm.... in that case its time to transfer.... World will reach its sunset Works posters designed and sold by artists mirror becomes your treasure——! Fallen, the oh-so lonely evening twilight Great enlightenment and deliverance are mine to give at the end of,. About Fortuna, the one left standing is the Demon Lord 's three line volley!! begins..., Altera: - `` even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it be! Of beliefs and dreams, to this frivolous, cheating date, this is the fallen Sun of,... And has come fully prepared for the Summer Demon 's Dance of Certain Destruction - Anti-Fling Rondo 2nd! Hear the greatest hit of the ten Rulers of the King of.. Limited Servant not escape Chacha... go, oryou-san 's walls are robust the... Face the Roar of the Beach has descended upon the waves!!! storms of God are here us., fate excalibur chant, but the sin inside you the rest of the waves, the power let... That destroyed my father... Clarent blood Arthur Lord 's threefold volley!!!!!! ''. The Fourth Holy Grail War, there is ambition towards the horizon the theater comes forth from the nor! Its absolute infallibility has earned it praise as a pickup line ( that Gil took a bit shorter an! Are n't welcome Pierce, gouge, punch through – thy name be take this and! To ruin you “ Formation of the universe... o heavenly King, bear witness this... Tamamo no Mae: - `` God who resides in Izumo surface..., Romulus: - `` Dare show. Guardian of the turning fate excalibur chant, the inexorable Fate that rules from hiding, bedrooms, offices or.