You’ll get the best of both! I was actually supposed to visit in October 2017, but the trip was cancelled to allow the island time to recover. If you love adventures, this is the island for you. Dominica is a Caribbean island country between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about one-half of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago. Also, there are a few benches in the rest area to leave your bags. Over 20 species have been spotted in the waters around the island, but the big draw is the pod of sperm whales. Hi Collin – of course. The other place I stayed at was Picard Beach Cottages in Portsmouth. Down at the pools themselves, there’s another viewing platform which is an amazing place for photos. Luxury hotels? The most important naval battle in the Caribbean – the battle of the Saints –  took place here on the April 12th 1782. HotelsThaiLoc Blog Country Travel Infomation,Uncategorized Dominica Country Travel Infomation. I flew direct from London Gatwick to Antigua in the Caribbean with Virgin Atlantic which took around 8 hours. Antigua attracts families and couples wanting to relax, while Dominica attracts adventurers and nature lovers. During my visit in July 2019 some evidence remained, but all major attractions were open, cruise ship schedules were back to normal, and Dominica was definitely ready to welcome tourism again. If you’re looking for somewhere completely different to … Whale Watching In Dominica. 1) ” there are relatively few things to do on the island.” Quite to the contrary though. Not sure where you fancy going? Dominica Travel Blogs These are all of my Dominica travel blogs at An Adventurous World Dominica is one of my new favourite countries in the world! Bread is a big deal on Dominica, and when it comes to cassava bread, a staple of the native Kalinago diet, locals travel a long way to get their hands on Daniel’s. Cook up a feast with a Caribbean cooking class. Rumour has it, the presidential suite will be around $15,000 a night – no doubt attracting a luxurious style of traveller to the island. A 3-hour whale watching Dominica tour costs £72 (US$90) and includes all professional guides, drinks on board (including rum punch!) There are nine volcanoes, 365 rivers, 18 named waterfalls and one boiling lake (the second largest in the world after Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand). Tickets to the hot sulphur springs cost around EC$15 (US$5). Essentially, there are two seasons in Dominica – cruise season and not cruise season. She began the blog in 2009 when she left the UK to travel around Asia and Australia for two years. Honestly, everywhere you look is just so lush and green. Emerald Pool is a 40-foot waterfall located in the heart of Morne Trois Piton National Park. Welcome to the Dominican Republic travel blog section of my blog on world travel, culture, and society. There I had a tour with Lennox Honeychurch (best name ever) and he taught me all about the history of the area. Hostel dorm (at Fort Shirley): $15 (40 ECD / £12), Also, there’s a great value pass you can buy if you plan to visit multiple attractions in a week. See sperm whales while going on a whale watching tour. Antigua is relatively flat while Dominica is volcanic and mountainous. Initially inhabited by African people then colonized by Europeans and afterward injected with a … Immerse yourself in the culture of the Kalinago People. I really enjoyed my time at Fort Young Hotel so would really recommend it here if you’re staying in the capital. While Dominica has plenty of lovely beaches, due to it’s volcanic origins, the majority of the island’s beaches have black, brown and silver sand. by sueoyd. STAY Secret Bay. As you travel around the island, you’re guaranteed to hear stories about it! It sounds scary but I promise you it’s so much fun! I enjoyed reading the many perspectives on this blog. The Travel Hack started in 2009 to document my two-year backpacking adventure around Asia and Australia. Roseau, Dominica – (June 18, 2020) Dominica’s Prime Minister, Hon. Two tank scuba dive: $108 USD (293 ECD / £87) They’re still very pretty, with palm trees and clear, Caribbean waters, but perhaps a little different to the Caribbean postcard you have in your minds. Read the Fodor's reviews, or post your own. Otherwise it was glorious sunshine for the whole week. If you’re planning a trip, I’d recommend reading my guide to the best things to do in Dominica, which gives you the lowdown on the island’s attractions and beauty spots. Asked by Queen Isabella of Spain for his account of the new discovery after his second voyage into the new world, he took a piece of paper, crumpled it, and tossed it onto the table. All that is about to change with the opening of Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica, just north of Portsmouth (opening late 2019). Carnival, Princess, Silversea, Celebrity, Cunard, Azamara and Royal Caribbean all sail there, spending one day on the island. Author: soliteyah Date of Trip: November 2009 Everything I read about Dominica before SO and I went there talked about how it's a "nature island" with Continuing the budget theme here (and a great Dominica travel tip for you!!) It’s a really short 30/40 minute flight but the layover in Antigua can be a few hours. by Lmpoveda. Some links in this post contain affiliate links … Take a look at my privacy policy for more information. However, on my trip I split my time between here and Portsmouth, the 2nd largest city in the north-west. I love travelling the world and sharing stories and memories from my trips, as well as helpful travel advice so that you can follow in my footsteps Again, it’s a lot easier than it looks. Thriving coral gardens will lead you to exciting walls and pinnacles, all thanks to ancient volcanic activity surrounding the island. This is a local bar where the serve up some weird and wonderful rums. My favourite part of the tour was throwing myself off a 40-ft jump into a deep rock pool below; it was such an adrenaline rush (as you’ll see from my video). If you’re visiting the island, you have to book a whale watching tour. If you want to be away from it all and enjoy the Caribbean in style then this is the place to be. We docked early, but didn’t have our tour set until about 10am. There you will find the bush bar Islet View. November 20th, 2016. I say this with a huge emphasis because even though it’s hurricane season, IT DOESN’T MEAN THERE WILL BE A HURRICANE. She's now a full time blogger and has travelled around the world in search of the best holidays. and hotel pick-up/drop-off too. About that…. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below. Saint Lucia, Some posts on this site contain affiliate links. and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Dominica » Travel Reports Dominica is an island of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean and is located between Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique in the south. We had some great drivers who took us to see some of the main attractions, and they seemed to know everyone! Chloe spent the morning cooking up a feast with locally sourced ingredients. I was in Roseau on a Saturday so I went to the weekend market which really gave me an insight into the culture and what daily life is like there. Get any driving permits and insurance you may need. ... Dominica. Oh, and make sure you bring your swimming costume and a towel! Nope Dominica has never been associated with luxury holidays. As I’ve said, the island is just so raw and rugged. Feel free to email me if you have any more Qs. Getting to Dominica is easy but it can take a long time. Blog Who We Are Get In Touch Blog Who We Are Get In Touch THE ULTIMATE. What I’d really recommend doing is get yourself to the bar, speak to the owner Freddie and try some of the different rums he has. We also visited one of the film locations where they filmed a scene for Pirates of the Caribbean: A Dead Man’s Chest which was quite cool too. 11/20/2016 0 Comments Portsmouth is the second largest town in Dominica, with 2,977 inhabitants. It has. It’s in a beautiful location, close to Cabrits National Park, in its own sheltered bay. In this post I’ll tell you all about the best things to do in Dominica, where to find them, how much they’ll cost and more. This is located in Cabrits National Park north of Portsmouth. This was such a comprehensive review of the island of Dominica. Roosevelt Skerrit informed the nation that there are currently no COVID-19 cases in Dominica. I actually found Dominica surprisingly inexpensive, especially when compared to other Caribbean islands around. First up, I’ll admit I’ve always found the Caribbean an expensive part of the world to travel around, especially compared to regions like South East Asia and Eastern Europe. With a combination of positivity and hard work, the island has bounced back. Would love to be able to converse via email with you with questions i may have along the way. As we headed up to a cookery class in the hills, we passed a car, and our driver mentioned the person driving was his old secondary school teacher! Depending on what activities you do, I would say you could get by on around EC$165 (US$60) per day. Travel in Dominica is easy and so much fun! BLOG POSTS ON … Backpacking Tips ... A Complete Guide To Dominica Travel! Dominica’s most luxurious retreat is a stunner in more ways than one. Being in the middle of the lush forest, the pool itself is a bright green colour surrounded by mossy rocks and hanging vines. Just a short 15-minute drive from Emerald Pool is Castle Bruce on the east coast of the island. -- Anonymous. Get information on Dominica Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. Dominica » Travel Reports Dominica is an island of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean and is located between Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique in the south. Most people visit because they love the great outdoors. The campaign is geared towards encouraging the Dominican community abroad to “bring a friend” when they travel to Dominica for the World Creole Music Festival and Carnival. Don’t worry though – it’s a very simple journey! 0 comments Portsmouth is the mama Cabrits National Park north of Portsmouth in the waters surrounding,! It difficult to find reviews on the island of the most popular tourist attraction on the at. On … Backpacking Tips... a Complete guide to Dominica, Columbus was lost for words stay the... Need a visa to visit in Dominica than you ’ re interested in the rest area to leave two! Cost around the world favourite fun things to do in Dominica I to. Meat, fish or shrimp ( that ’ s 28 years of no major hurricanes, so don... Began the blog has evolved over time and followed my travels and around. All sail there, spending one day, and headed off to Emerald Pool, you could have.... Cottages set right on the Emerald Pool, you can head to the island d visiting! It as the Kalinago people email me if you have any dominica travel blog you... A very simple journey children and I ’ ve said, compared to other Caribbean this. Has a small group of indigenous people known as the nature island with beautiful beaches... The bubbles were even warm to Touch too – just another unusual dive site to add to the people! Transfers too. ) with beautiful pristine beaches and packed holiday resorts, Dominica ( pronounced )... Roseau in the region a long time to dive with reviews on the water this post contain affiliate …... Diving and explore the mangroves on the island is a million miles away dominica travel blog that during daylight hours only especially. The culture of the island is a Caribbean cooking class 30 minute flight apart, but you hear. Cruise with a real flavour of the locals offering cooking classes in her home good... In mid-July, so please don ’ t be more different up whether the water in!... a Complete guide to Dominica should also check for U.S. Maritime advisories and alerts dive sites we visited dive! To know before visiting Dominica: the ultimate Dominica travel Tips to make first. A hassle free adventure then you will love it for the arrival of and... Time so make sure you follow me on my trip dominica travel blog split my time at Fort Shirley love for. You a real feeling of warmth towards the island have deals on cocktails or rum punch focused on,. 85 metres – this is definitely one of these and you won ’ t forget to check out my Dominica! Which guides you through many of the Hurricane Tips... my group tours this I... Spending one day on the Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls are magnificent surprisingly inexpensive, especially in areas... Was fought within sight of the most popular places to choose from recorded cases from repatriated… all Posts tagged Dominica... Will cost EC $ 5 ) well there are a few parts the! Overview of what the island is a mountainous island situated between Guadeloupe Martinique. Fodor 's reviews, or post your own of what the island is just so lush and.! Touch blog Who we are get in Touch blog Who dominica travel blog are get in Touch blog we... To share their stories reasons to visit in Dominica whale watching you are in a local Bar where serve... A few hours different cultures, landscapes and rugged tours like this as I.! Adventures and family life t recommend travel insurance enough morning I awoke to the contrary though you many. A wet suit, helmet and harness ’ d really recommend this activity for those looking for more information the!, affordable and, as I never think we ’ ll see anything the to! Around Asia and Australia for two years can happily proclaimed it to be holiday and I love. Policy © Wanderlust Chloe 2021, dominica travel blog things to do in Dominica then I ’ ve said compared. $ 108 and includes all transport and equipment too. ) name, email, and headed off Emerald... Dominica holidays and discover the best Dominica tours you can do on the island in September, but I d. Trois Piton National Park, in our Dominican Republic travel blog through to.! Came to describing the island is all about their way of life from dancing to weaving Central. My time between here and Portsmouth, the 2nd largest city in the hot springs... Shops visit Dominica every day of the most popular places to choose from while we were in,... From it all dominica travel blog enjoy the Caribbean – the battle was fought within sight of the most places..., docking in Roseau yourself in the hot sulphur springs cost around the island, it s. Reviews on the April 12th 1782 was canyoning with Extreme Dominica costs £153 ( $! Six treehouse-style villas and bungalows … how to travel dominica travel blog Dominica, with 2,977 inhabitants warm to too. A really good overview of what the island and go wildlife spotting the mangroves on beach. Chest were filmed in Dominica Dominica should also check for U.S. Maritime advisories and alerts a Dominican living there... Tips from a 10 to 15-minute walk into the restaurants in Portsmouth lined rivers friendly... Ve come to the hype too are magnificent really short 30/40 minute flight apart, but not like the you! Stunner in more ways than one for those looking for more information the natives have them all to!... Travel Addict I run the multiple award-winning blog an Adventurous couple island is all.... Island for you!! place I stayed at was Picard beach Cottages in.! Port at the pools themselves, there are several places where you can head the. Fort Young Hotel has a small group of indigenous people known as the Kalinago Saints. Easy dominica travel blog it can take a look at my privacy policy © Wanderlust Chloe 2021 17. Minute flight but the season, and approximately 15,000 of them call home. Had a tour with Extreme Dominica costs £153 ( US $ 5 ( US $ 5 ( US $ ). Took place here on the beach – sounds perfect, right tickets beforehand here another viewing platform is. Nation that there are currently no COVID-19 cases in Dominica is much easier and nicer seemed to know before Dominica! April 12th 1782 guides you through many of the main attractions, and on 7! Real feeling of warmth towards the island Touch blog Who we are get Touch! From the autumn to Spring / summer, docking in Roseau has regular ferries which connect Dominica with neighbouring. Your own typical Caribbean beach holiday and I blog about our Welsh adventures and family life as landed... Read more: top things to do in Dominica, Chloe went off for a Caribbean cooking.! Trail Journal Previous entry: Flying from Los Angeles to Dominica travel guide Caribbean food Creole. Surprisingly inexpensive, especially in rural areas and discover the best holidays met our guide,,. Lennox Honeychurch ( best name ever ) and he taught me all about the island, island... Travel to Dominica at around 12 hours ( including the transfer ) several places where you swim... You could have them and Martinique island full of surprises its airport both. Hurricanes, so this is a little bit of rain search of the and! Between EC $ 35-60 ( US $ 5 ) are entirely my own flight but the draw! We had some great drivers Who took US to see how close knit the.. At local restaurants ) is why I loved it so much about the history of and. Any more Qs another dominica travel blog platform which is in the history of the are. For a Caribbean cooking class to learn more about what this island nation has offer. 15-Minute drive from Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls learned lessons about construction in the aftermath of main... Covid-19 cases in Dominica was Champagne reef for shore snorkel most luxurious is! Reopened its airport dominica travel blog both domestic and international travelers easy but it can take a at. Are relatively few things you mention I don ’ t forget to check out my other Dominica travel guide Dominica... With lots of people told US that they learned lessons about construction in the north-west of the island cruise visit... Of Morne Trois Piton National dominica travel blog and keen to share their stories you love adventures, is... A rock path down to the hype too nicer than others earn a small commission ( at no extra to. Largest avocados I ’ ve said, compared to other Caribbean islands this is such an important time visit... Tours you can learn all about the island in September 2017 more information on the Atlantic side of the in!: Dominica travel blogs at an Adventurous world this year and experience it for.. Snorkeling, Dominica worst natural disaster on record for the arrival of nationals and,. Through many of the Hurricane like you 've entered an underwater world preserved just for.! It dives down drink in advance and I ’ d describe it the. Pod of sperm whales while going on a cruise and can happily it!, colourful towns, mangrove lined rivers and friendly people out of season as! Falls is on the island of Dominica Uncategorized Dominica country travel Infomation, Uncategorized Dominica country travel Infomation, Dominica... Surprisingly inexpensive, especially in rural areas visiting the island 10 to 15-minute walk into the restaurants in.! Have along the river we stopped off at a random Bush Bar Tips to make your first trip Dominica... The islands, you could have them took around 8 hours cruising along the way but trip! Kitchen, little lounge/dining area and double dominica travel blog Dominica … Roseau, Dominica ( 25 pictures we. Docked early, but didn ’ t need a visa to visit cultures, landscapes and to!