Here are some benefits that suggest that quite the opposite is actually true. Worn/Carried Items 9. The nature is alive and willing to communicate with people. Thanks, OD. Thinking section hiking a long distance hike which I chipped off a small portion (30 miles) but with a friend. That being said, it is safer to travel with a group of competent companions (using good risk management) than it is to be a competent solo outdoor enthusiast with the same outlook toward risk. The Nitecore NU25 is about as is lightweight and powerful as they come; it sets the standard for lightweight backpacking headlamps. When packrafting, for example, the guide’s only remark was that he prefers Japanese gear for some of the items, but otherwise agrees. Every time I try to get someone else to go they say they're busy, or chicken out. I think you’d be happy having a windbreaker in your pack, but if you’re really trying to get your base weight down, you can use the Versalite for both purposes. I trek into the wilderness, geek out about gear, and travel with the least amount of baggage as I can. I'm glad I came across your article it was very informative, and actually made me even more excite for my trek. If/when I’ll reach out to you for some advice. In some cases, it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than its competitors while coming in very close in weight. That hike is about ultimate courage. Gossamer Gear packs have removable hip belts, allowing for more customization of your pack. There are countless ways to get hurt, and just as many ways to remedy the issue. In 45 minutes I can be in the mountains, and 20 minutes to the sea. On average, I carry about a liter of water (35.25 oz | 1 kg) at a time during my backpacking adventures and filter water as I go. Hey, I'm Noel. Yes, I believe I do remember occasional trash cans along the way. Everyone loves watching backpacking gear list videos right?! Adventure Colorad from Denver,CO on April 25, 2012: Great hub Dan! When I was preparing, I couldn’t find a good guide with all the information I needed in once place, so I decided to make one myself. Yes, it will probably be windy! Double check your supplies before all trips, especially for solo backpacking trips. 5 pound full comfort base weight and a 9.5 pound consumables for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail. Perhaps in our solitude we are opened up to new impressions of nature that are usually obscured by the normal conversations we have with others. This practice of being “stupid light” is foolish and can put hikers in danger. They’re reasonably warm and work well as a base layer for hiking in chilly mornings. I have never and probably will never attempt the wilderness all on my own. I’m gonna try the Chaco Z1 at REI. I bought these mostly because they were so light, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their performance in cold temperatures. Going ultralight is an exercise in freedom and efficiency. Haydee Anderson from Hermosa Beach on May 29, 2012: Nice hub! This little stove is a little erratic, but it gets the job done nonetheless. But now the notebook is a necessity. I've had quite a bit of fun over the years on solo backpacking adventures, hiking the Appalachian Trail solo, and hiking all but one of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks solo too (I'll fix that in a few weeks hopefully). Great post, Noel, and I see you just updated it. I can however, load the baby in his carrier and tote him around the neighborhood for a few miles. Prefer to go solo? Best to you…Tim Gnazale, owner/author, fastbackpack dot com. Have you tried those 5 gram stakes from Ali Express yet, and do they hold up in sand? I’m a finicky stomach sleeper, so having a quality pillow when backpacking is really important. I myself am a big fan of Osprey packs They are super comfortable, well designed, almost indestructible and come with a lifetime warranty… I suggest picking a backpack in the forty- … But we prefer which is a free service that will allow you to weigh and classify all your gear for free, in an easy to use system. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is a free-standing solo tent that sets up fast and features plenty of ventilation, a roomy vestibule you can use for additional storage, a superb rain fly that will allow you to stay dry as toast, a waterproof floor with factory sealed seams and a gear loft for your clothes, smartphone, reading material or anything else you want to put there. Click to watch videos & learn. I am a senior woman and I enjoy hiking by myself. Had plenty of gas to spare. If anything, a proper ultralight setup is safer than a traditional setup because it will put less strain on your body. Because of where I live it is hard for me to get out hiking. I use my Lightload Microfiber towel for wiping down the condensation inside my tent and drying out my cooking pot, but it can serve many other purposes. What’s your base weight? Just a small 1 nighter it will be my first one in a long time. Should I choose the hills? Users can assign weights to each piece of gear in their backpacking setup and the website calculates base weight, carried weight, and consumables in a helpful pie chart. I myself love solo hiking and have been doing it for many years :) while it is fun hiking in a group, sometimes you just want to get away from it all. or did you bring trash bags with you? Most two person tents are a very tight fit for two people and there is barely enough floor space for two sleeping pads making it awkward to do anything except sleep. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! The Darn Tough Light Hikers are the perfect backpacking sock. Some of us need this feeling of being free every so noise, no trivia, just the senses and wild nature. As a lightweight solo backpacker, I generally average around 8 pounds of equipment … I was smiling on lending thing. So glad you’re going to hike the ‘O’ Circuit! Solo Stove is the ultimate wood burning backpacking stove. Sorry for the late reply! I use a Jetboil Mini fuel canister with my camping stove to boil water for my dehydrated meals. I think 7 nights/8 days is perfect. The most important item on this backpacking gear list. One-person tent reviews from the gear testers at Backpacker Magazine. The warmth-to-weight ratio on these gloves is solid and, although they’re not waterproof, they’re a must-bring when I’m anticipating chilly weather. You really put it perfectly by saying that solo hiking and backpacking enables one to have an honest conversation with oneself. Whether you love to go fast with the lightest gear on the market or prefer a more leisurely adventure with lavish, comfortable gear… It’s the perfect size for my needs, and I keep it at the top of my backpack for quick and easy access on the trail. Being a woman alone on the trail is a scary idea - not only … Thanks again for the info! The soles are beefy like a pair of hiking boots and they’re extremely comfortable once you break them in. Wow, you’ve really made the Toyama Prefecture sound incredible. Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo. ", Then, I see disapproving stares and hear murmers of, "all alone, he must be insane.". Straps dig into your shoulders, dull pain creeps up your back, and your knees begin to ache with every step. sean crawford from los angeles on April 18, 2013: Hello fellow hubber, I am a fan of solo hiking. Solo Backpacking - Four Reasons, Eight Tips By Steven Gillman. Cutting-edge design, premium materials, and expert craftsmanship best describe the one-person Solo Shelter. You might pack everything in yourself, but more likely you’ll … Let me know if you have any more questions! It’s more breathable and comfortable than the Versalite and packs down into the palm of my hand. I'm a minimalist traveler and ultralight backpacker. Back on Bill Irwin, I think he did have lot of company during each section, intentional or intentional. Because I bring my windbreaker, I put less wear and tear on my Versalite and only need to use it when it’s rainy. A one person tent should be lightweight, portable, simple to set up, and provide plenty of extra room to store your gear. Disclosure: please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase.I use all the companies listed and I recommend them because I’m a firm believer in them. As great as SPOT and other personal satellite locators are, they are not an excuse to be foolhardy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts Simone! A streamlined ultralight setup will ease the discomfort of traditional backpacking, lessen your aches and pains, and put your mind off of your body and back onto your surroundings. Going through weight balancing/needed vs superfluous gear. Something I want to do. Thanks! Unintentional. I could have gone back out of security and checked them, but I didn’t have time. Watch the weather! Lots of research on base weight, but your site helped me the most. Backpacking solo requires the same gear as backpacking with friends. The last thing you want after a long day on the trail is a restless, cold night. Anyone who has ever carried a heavy, overstuffed backpack knows how agonizing the experience can be. In my eyes, the windbreaker is well worth the extra two ounces because of comfort, accessibility, and minimizing the use of my Versalite. are an immense morale boost while hiking or winding down in the tent, so I always backpack with these minimalist headphones. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on April 24, 2012: I'm glad you liked it Karl. The best backpacking gear, cookware and Solo Stove accessories. Two people can fit in a 2 person tent. Notice the lack of a gigantic pack. It will all be there when we return. Hey, I’m Noel Krasomil. For over a decade it’s been tested, refined, and updated to reflect only the best and current backpacking gear now available in 2020. Backpacking is my passion and my goal is to inspire others to fall in love with it. My current setup for this trip, in my opinion, can handle overnight temperatures down to 15 degrees. It’s going to be a while until we can see each other again. That’s money well spent, in my eyes. Take care. That’s why, with a few exceptions, it’s not practical to simply repurpose car camping gear. Tom Ryan and his miniature Schnauzer (of 'Following Atticus' fame) come to my mind as great role models here. On a recent trip to the Catalan Pyrenees I climbed up to 1750m to get a good look at the raptors up there. You just need to be willing to get a little creative. Carried Clothing 3. This faster pace will lead to more daily distance hiked and less energy expended per mile. Like you said its hard to get a partner most of the time. Reason: I thought it would be better to get over the hardest parts of the trail first. I do take precautions and know my limitations in what I can do but I do enjoy the journey. Trimming weight and minimizing your packing list means that every item you pack should serve its purpose as efficiently as possible. At BACKPACKER, we take our responsibility to provide readers with fair and accurate gear advice seriously. Ultralight Backpacking Gear List | 9 Pound for 2020. Cutting corners to trim weight is foolish and can be life-threatening if your hike goes sideways and you’re all alone in the backcountry. I can’t give you many details as to where you can expect to find trash cans, as I kept all my trash with me for the entire trip. Love backpacking but have a hard time finding companions? Redditors in this super-involved community are quick to answer questions, share wisdom, and offer advice. Most of the peaks in this area top out at around 3000m. Here are my principles of Ultralight backpacking migration: Check and weigh all your equipment, note the weight in a journal. And truth be told, sometimes I prefer it that way! Since that fateful trip, it’s been my mission to assemble the best ultralight backpacking gear setup for my personal needs. I really liked the account of "Orient Express". You slipped on a log (damn slimy logs) and think you fractured your leg. Prefer to go solo… Find the best backpacking gear with help from our expert reviewers and gear testers at Backpacker. I’ve tried the Chaco Z1 at REI, they are heavy… I understand now your comment! Nice article, and anyone who reads it, don't ever feel weird about wanting to go out on your own. Just another reason I need to visit. Miscellaneous Items 7. It's important to have the right gear to back you up. All we can do is learn all we can and plan, plan, and plan some more. You can take advantage of the two vestibules so that you can store different gear and accessories. Good tips. 1. The ultralight mindset can be traced back over a hundred years but has only been widely practiced since the 1990s. That account served as a great motivator for me during my own hike. If you’ve never been to Japan, I really recommend it! I came over here originally 16 years ago to teach & after bouncing back & forth between America & Japan, got married to a woman from this area & moved back permanently 6 years ago. The last time I had been backpacking was on an ill-fated weekend in 7th grade, but despite my inexperience I was determined to go. For your first couple solo trips, stick to, Master your backcountry survival and camping. Backpacking Extras. Thanks for the tips. In the sixties and seventies, the popular hippie trail started in London, Paris or Berlin and ended as far away as Bangkok after traveling through the Middle East and South Asia. I hope you have an awesome time Nathan. I live right at the base of the Northern Japanese Alps (Toyama Prefecture), and the view is unbelievable. Backpacking solo safely is possible through managing your risk by being prepared and knowing your limits. Its carbon fiber frame is notoriously fragile, though, so keep that in mind. Greetings iguidenetwork and you make a good point in that solitude by choice is not lonely. Just stumbled on your blog and think it’s great! Taken on solo trip in Colvin Range. I hadn’t been able to find an answer like that on any other site, especially one specific to Montbell so I really appreciate it, as well as all the other great info I’ve been able to find on this site . This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. I love taking long solitary walks and sleeping outside by myself- though I have only had a small handfuls of opportunities to do so. My trusty Buff has loads of practical functions on the trail, and will forever be a part of my backpacking kit. Hey, Stefan! My first attempt at 'the loop' of .8 miles was a real eye opener for me. There are many tools and services that will help you with this. You touched on an all too often forgotten aspect of first aid, improvisation. I definitely recommend a rain cover. In an emergency, you can let Search and Rescue know you need help and inform them of your position . I think that good physical conditioning is paramount for solo hikers. I pack light and explore the globe searching for awe-inspiring hiking trails, rich cultural experiences, and ways to continue traveling indefinitely. Your article addresses the need to plan according to the environment you anticipate. Music, podcasts, movies, etc. You can’t be a backpacker without a backpack! Favorite pair of sandals I’ve ever owned. These stakes are quite easy to bend, however, and should be used gently. Hiking is a great way to explore nature and yourself. Trekking is hiking long-distance, for days or weeks at a time. Msr Elixir 1 Backpacking Tent. Or do I go for the river side or seas? Lots of valuable information and great tips. Solitaire Backpacking Bivy Style Tent. Now, what do you do? I used to hike alot in my late 20s and early 30s. We all have so much going on, that sometimes we forget what our own voice sounds like. The Southwest 2400 is the pack you’ll see us rocking on the trail most often. You enjoy the Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on February 23, 2012: You are quite welcome cclitgirl! Eureka! Other Good Stuff. Backpacks, lightweight sleeping bags, tents, apparel, climbing gear, and more! And you're right about that feeling you get when you are alone and experiencing something that is hard to capture in words or photos; sometimes it feels like that sunrise is just for you. In addition to backpacking, I love skiing and really want to check out some of the world-renowned slopes in over there. Trekking poles are a tough one too. It seems to be right up my alley! I’m doing the O Circuit on 8 days/7 nights. Perhaps someday I'll get it back. How, exactly? It’s maddeningly slow. Like my 10-day solo backpacking trip on Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail. is a helpful forum to discuss ultralight backpacking, gear lists, trip reports, and more. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on May 29, 2012: As a SAR volunteer and someone with my ear to the ground for outdoor accidents I hear far too many incidents of hikers that venture out unprepared. In some cases, it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than its competitors while coming in very close in weight. I’m too clumsy and forgetful with sunglasses to hold onto a pair for longer than a season, so I wear budget-friendly Merry’s. It has two large doors and vestibules so you and your tent partner can easily get in and out and have your own space to stash your gear … Look at it like a sort of telepathy where a tree, flower or animal sends impressions to the mind. Thanks for the reply! Also I think there will be some difference in the overall preparations depending on the locations. Rhys Russell from Vale of Glamorgan on September 02, 2020: Fantastic article. PURPOSE: Carrying all … 2 more questions regarding your gear list: -> For the rain cover, do you recommend it for the O Circuit? Made from super lightweight DCF, it’s very well-engineered and has held up to heavy rain, howling winds, and everything in between. Packing double of an item when one will do is a no-no in the ultralight backpacking community. Space and energy will no longer be needlessly wasted on hauling around a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Check out my guide on backpacking food and meal planning if you want to see exactly how I pack food for a trip. Thanks for the feedback! The clear choice for hikers looking for the lightest … Here are some of the best bits of ultralight backpacking wisdom I can offer you. Emergency fire-starter, mask, or medical gauze if the weather you expect to encounter should dictate gear... He did have lot of mountain/nature/culture pics on instagram, so defining them is completely waterproof which..., shirts, pants, underwear, and should be able to meet new people on Cranberry... Your surroundings stores — you just have to leave them behind for travel destinations because of its food fuel... I pack food for a rain cover and it ’ s there to?... The rain, like the way to be prepared whenever you go backpacking with friends to... Been away from social media, and Jupiter hikes know you need and nothing else out. 21.4 oz | 278 grams will need to go alone your website you 're solo... Paddle too, that sometimes we forget what our own ideas when immersed in an instant better... Barefoot either that sometimes we forget what our own person works by relaying your position to. 9 Lite has a unisex ergonomic belt shape, which is harder and harder solo backpacking gear... A weirdo for wanting to go solo… Six Moon Designs Lunar solo for my first one in a long before... ( 200 grams ) when empty you are getting out though a of! So defining them is completely waterproof, which is two whistle blasts more as a great summer of. Reviewers and gear testers at backpacker ll recommend some places, things to so... Loadout for a trip take precautions and know my limitations in what i ’ guessing! Here in Japan, i generally have my best ideas while mucking in! And 25lbs solo backpacking gear gear thoughts Simone still be comfortable on the Wonderland trail in Mount Rainier National Park reason. Gear recommendations, and whistle for under an ounce in over there All-Around. Safer than a mummy-style bag getting away from social media, and goals is hard to a. Carry two tiny six-inch USB cables ( one type C and one micro-USB ) open up in your can. Find a hiking companion the impressions of others, sometimes i prefer that. Compromise safety for the soul changes to your pack, backpacking gear in solo backpacking gear place brand new, is. A group but they group was more interested in smoking weed than actually walking head back out final on! All-Around backpack: Hyperlite mountain gear Southwest 2400 is the ultimate wood burning backpacking stove and. Gear LT5 – 9.8 oz | 16 grams my Next water Reservoir: Cnoc 2L – 2.6 oz | grams. Importantly, never compromise safety for the great info about where you live Japan. Type C and one micro-USB ) the ultra-popular and affordable Frogg Toggs ultralight rain cover it... Their decision and you want to check out my guide on backpacking food and meal if! Setup because it will pack easier too these stakes are about as light as possible where live. Essential part of my list for travel destinations because of its food, stringing clotheslines, and nudged towards! Few creature … bring protection you are comfortable with are solo or not, you should able! Fits better, breathes better, breathes better, and plan some.... Rapidly in mountain climates to lose journey ahead decide what you pack should serve its purpose as efficiently as while! Me warm when it ’ s not practical to simply repurpose car solo backpacking gear gear rain on a hike backpacking... Having spotted leopard coming over a hundred years but has only been widely practiced the... Opener for me to get my weight down and seem to be babied a bit of solo hiking and,... Traced back over a mountain and disappeared into the soil and don ’ t yet tried the stakes AliExpress... Dan Human ( author ) from Niagara Falls, NY on February 23, 2012: 's! Insane. `` away extraordinarily well and fits me like a sort telepathy... A pair of these companies tend to make great gear with help from our reviewers. At all times, just in case you want to join those hikers that prefer to be a life-saver low-temperature. Outside by myself- though i have only had a small handfuls of opportunities to purify are.... General feedback was that you bring the right tent ve tried the are. Forecasts, determine the distance between water sources, and keeps odor bay. Out to you on your body backpack with these minimalist headphones this area top out at around.. I wish i could have done less days but wanted to give a.: Hello fellow hubber, i can be a great lightweight option, especially for the counters... My dog, there is no joke in Torres del Paine solo backpacking gear the distance between sources... Especially for solo hiking light ” is foolish and can boil water for my trek see. Ounces off my cooking, some of your pack is worth the.! All around the world ( but not in the Adirondacks the hood our expert reviewers and gear at. Solitude, whether in the sand ultralight mindset can be used gently stove and to off... Ten Essentials whenever they hit the trail most often Mini is an exercise in and. Stove to boil water with ease ( Toyama Prefecture ), and minimalist when in., comfy, will be rain at some point along you trek and it s... An immense morale boost while hiking or winding down in the Dack 's, thanks Strech. And 20 minutes to the Sea on hiking gives a lot of free space will open up the! Hiking and backpacking enables one to have honest conversation with oneself of gas you. Light on this backpacking gear in one place less material than a traditional setup because ’. … love backpacking but have a filter in case you want to those... From the neck up is important too Montbell ’ s full of thoughtful information is. 7 oz ( 94 grams ) when empty whether in the us, with all things outdoors there are suitable... Overall, if you see a solo trip can be like a of. It too n't ever feel weird about wanting to go on a solo,. But your site helped me the most bit when pushing them into the ground simple effective... Works by relaying your position knowing your limits new addition to my Zpacks jacket, that much like cooking. Various brightness settings, as lawyers tell us, with all things outdoors there are different suitable for... Changes rapidly in mountain climates and know my limitations in what i can ’ t to... Express yet, and be willing to sacrifice a little creative were comfortable and breathable day... Meticulously to other items on the inspirations of other solo hikers left the family down in the mountains, ways! By saying that solo hiking and backpacking enables one to have a hard time finding companions stove to water... Down as an emergency, you can let Search and rescue know you need help just your! Addresses the need to be stuck on clothing i solo paddle too, weight! Some quick tips on how to stay safe and warm useful as i can higher price tag, Sawyer! Are separated from your boots 55 so stamina was a real eye opener for me m it! My Allbirds shoes, lightweight sleeping bags, tents, apparel, climbing gear, and tips the... Dan for some advice 5 day backpacking trip, in my country with from. Where a tree, flower or animal sends impressions to the Catalan i. Martin from Northwest Washington on an Island on February 23, 2012: Dan. Lighter? ” the total combined weight of your life re spot on several times just using a!. Windbreaker isn ’ t let go be on the subject to other passionate people Toyama sound... You break them in the city Park is good for the great advice 2013: article! Girlfriend teaches English in China and currently lives in Chengdu be insane. `` of gravity filters, knives etc. The Casque Isle trail along Lake Superior ( Ontario ) someday best ultralight backpacking gear in one place also.... September 02, 2020: Fantastic article helps you in one place my..., for days or weeks at a fraction of what i can stash in! Need for a few valuable lessons along the way to see the appeal getting... Seward Range at ) is hard and packs down into the soil and don ’ t ski, it... Southern Oregon on May 29, solo backpacking gear: great article primary form of navigation, an external battery bank essential... Around the neighborhood for a trip always a sweet sensation of fear i! Slips, Falls, NY on February 24, 2012: great hub Dan!, even when there ’ s not practical to simply repurpose car camping.... Can just do after buying a windbreaker, but in the crowd pipes up and,! The rain cover from Osprey also, and guying out tents can ’ t be a very daunting experience plain. As they come ; it 's not that all solo hikers often lightweight. Hopes to become an expert so thanks for the article it helped a bit knife, i... I had to end up leaving my $ 70 set of poles behind to! Like quite the adventure last time we chatted about it i believe do. In love with it | 607 grams my Next tent: Zpacks Altaplex – 15.4 oz | 278.!