If you are unable to offer me this, I don’t want to give up my leadership responsibilities, What are your thoughts? Select a specific example that illustrates the behavior or situation you want to change. I want to share with you what is at stake. Fierce Conversations is organized around seven core principles. Principle 1: Master the courage to interrogate reality. Name the issue - "I want to talk with you about the effect _____ is having on _____." In this guide, which includes exercises and tools to take you step by step through the Seven Principles of Fierce Conversations, Scott teaches readers how to: Overcome barriers to meaningful communication Fierce solutions have been transforming organizations around the globe for more than 20 years with Leadership skills and effective conversations. step 4. clarify the reason why its important and what is at risk to wing or lose. ), a feeling that we owe our employer something,  an unwelcome voice of self-doubt, emboldened by us being out of the loop and, in the fog of early parenthood, not having the time and space to get clear. Compassion – Rather than get locked into blame or guilt, we choose to be radically compassionate. Engaging in effective Confrontations: A Step by step method 2. Seven Principles of Fierce Conversation. Pay attention. These steps can work well in all kinds of scenarios: conversations about accountability, behaviour, meetings with parents and more. Write your opening statement using the following guidelines: 1. Be here, prepared to be nowhere else ; 4. These are guides in transforming relationships one conversation at a time. Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time (originally published in 2002, and revised in 2017) is a self-help guide about the importance of frank, empathetic communication. The impact we have when we are authentic is powerful and real. step 3. describe your feelings your emtion towards the situation. These are guides in transforming relationship s one conversation at a time. Step 7: Commit to action. 3. Tune in. The context is a conversation I’m imagining in which I’m asking to return to my leadership role part time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If I am able to continue my role 4 days a week, I can continue the successful work we have done to improve the department. How to Have Fierce Conversations