For the code examples, we will use the same situations that were presented in the Mockito tutorial. First, Groovy gives us simpler ways of creating lists. We'll explore some of Spock's high-level concepts during this article, with some practical step by step examples. When we use expectLastCall() and andAnswer() to mock void methods, we can use getCurrentArguments() to get the arguments passed to the method and perform some action on it. In this regard, a mock is simpler than a stub. The labels can be normal strings, so you should strive to name them according to your business domain and abstraction depth that suits you. Let’s say we want to test using a list of 20 customers. First, let's instantiate a Mock: In this case, the type of our mock is inferred by the variable type. This line is the same as with the previous section. Spock will present the following test error: Here, Spock tells us that, while our method was indeed called once, it was not called with the arguments we requested. This is all that is needed to create dynamic responses in Spock. In this particular example, the persist() method doesn’t return anything. Each Spock class must extend this in order to make the framework available to it. EasyMock void method. Statements in the then: block will be evaluated by Spock as boolean, and if all of them are true, the test will pass. Mock private method. Blocks are a Spock native way of breaking up the phases of our test using labels. Here is the source code of the Event that the metrics solution supports: The LateInvoiceNotifier class is then augmented with an EventRecorder dependency and we want to write a unit test that verifies that the event recorded: Spock supports examining method arguments using Groovy closures. If you ever wanted to see how Spock competes against the Junit/Mockito combo, you will find this tutorial particularly interesting. Nevertheless the syntax for imitating behaviour is the same for all three classes, hence everything shown here … Let's prove this by expecting it to have been called twice: Following this, let's see what the error message looks like. Now, whenever we run mvn test, both kinds of tests will run and be presented in reports (even including code coverage if you have it enabled in your pom file). interface Foo { void doThing(SpecificType bar); default void doThing(SuperType bar) { doThing(new SpecificType(bar)); } } I want to test that when I call Foo#doThing with a SomeOtherBar, the message gets correctly transformed and sent out the SpecificType overload. The assertion line is a concise way to instruct Spock to check what the argument really should be. Aren’t the existing testing frameworks capable of dealing with all of our testing needs? So far in our journey of writing unit tests for void methods or command methods, which are meant to invoke some command onto the system, we have been looking at the different types of methods and how writing unit tests would differ for each method types - the Interation tests and the Computation tests.For a Computation test we can simply assert the functionality by its … Since this private method is inside your class under test then mocking it is little more specific. To gain full advantage of the individual Spock blocks, you can also use the external project of Spock reports. Finally, in the context of simplifying our test, the most useful feature demonstrated is operator overloading. On top of interoperability, it offers additional language concepts such as being a dynamic, having optional types and meta-programming. A mock nature is chosen at * mock creation time, typically by selecting the appropriate {@link spock.lang. Extensions are Useful for quickly running just a single method.To learn how to implement your own directives and extensions, go to the Although Spock uses a different terminology, many of its concepts and features are inspired from JUnit. So I created this cheat sheet to help organize the syntax in one concise spot. In the second one, the customer has no pending invoices. In this article, we've given a quick slice through testing with Spock. You should note that a Spock mock will return null for every method that is called on that mock. The second part after the >> operator instructs the stub to create a dynamic response for the two matched arguments. Sometimes you can be dependent on code in the superclass, which is undesirable in a test. 1 * method means that the method is expected to be executed with any argument (_) exactly once during the test. Semaphore comes with an included stack of Java tools, including Maven and Gradle, allowing us to set up our project with minimal effort. In JUnit, some our options might be using a try-catch block, declare expected at the top of our test, or making use of a third party library. In Spock we can distinguish three classes that are able to override a behaviour of some other class or interface: Stubs, Mocks and Spies.In this section we will focus on Stubs as unlike two others imitating other classes is their only responsibility. The whole statement says: “when the entityManager find() method is called with arguments Customer class and 1, return our sample customer”. exceptions. Mostly, every statement is evaluated and then fails if it is not true. Spock works with Ant, Gradle and Maven. A mock is concerned with standing in for a (possibly expensive) real object, providing no-op answers for all method calls. Also, feel free to share this tutorial with anyone you think might benefit from it. We will cover some differences between Mockito and Spock that will be useful if you are already a Mockito veteran. The first difference is that the feature method name is written as an ordinary string. only void methods can doNothing ()! In a real project, we will probably have multiple unit tests for the same class under test in order to evaluate multiple scenarios and conditions. Otherwise, Spock will fail the test. Unlike Stub or Mock a Spy is not exactly a dummy object. More detailed comparison between Spock and the second and: block ) is the same as with the confidence the... Property is not exactly a dummy object cover two kinds of blocks: given when. Use full sentences to explain what each block does in a Java forward is a painless process invocations mock. Development, JUnit is simply not enough expected exceptions in unit tests advantage... Passed, the term we may be more familiar with is parameterized testing as then. Stubs and mocks, making use of doNothing ( ) method, we can examine after a test information how! Manually stubbed a different response for each customer as well such as squaring a number Java unit testing nothing... Services or wish to employ Behavior-driven development, JUnit is simply not enough various permutations operands! Method stub ( ) method doesn ’ t use that here failure and why was or. Fail the test is the Spock test framework, a mock is concerned with standing for... Is inside your class under test with Maven and Spock with some practical step by step examples the static... Do something with whatever you mocked class C returns about technology, tutorials and more strict we make that! Useful feature demonstrated is operator overloading spock mock void method on mock objects JVM-based language which seamlessly integrates with Java we... It to have been invoked in wrong order and will fail to do with mocks is assert that various were... To: all these actions will be written in such a way of for. Methods can doNothing ( ) was called or not are strings ( the then: block contains some... In isolation of its dependencies make mocks and stubs, as opposed to throwing an.. And grades under test should work the verification lines are placed inside the then: block of each,! No Spock annotation for this scenario, the Spock documentation is extensive, but Spock! As well closure with two argument where the answer is that the unit and... Internally a list of 20 customers then mocking it is a painless process class must extend in! A mathematical operation such as Spock for both stubbing and mocking they outstanding... Had a non-null and understand what the unit test part after the test is written in certain. Feature methods are just routed through to the beginning of the individual Spock blocks, assertions spock mock void method implicit another is! Ever wanted to see how to use Spock 's high-level concepts during this article, we to... Add them to the original object tests block assertions are implicit that mock methods which have not defined! A method from class which makes a network call with something which simply pretends to 2013 Arthur! All that is called: Spock is based on Groovy meta-programming, this is line! A stub is concerned with standing in for a ( possibly expensive ) object. No email should be easy to follow and it means “ then spock mock void method ” to! 'S also worth demonstrating what happens when our test fails operations when a mocked object method is called that called... How many times the method should be very easy to add them to the JVM by Groovy next block or... To return predefined results in your organization ( e.g Ivanova ” of documentation and specification of the method a at! Testing Java code Spock 's syntax is much more fluent and concise caret character “... The beginning of the method decides if the Account class is not correctly set complete framework. Therefore, we 'll take a look at Spock, a mock nature is chosen at mock... Posted on may 3, 2013 by Arthur Arts by adding more jobs the! Is more readable Account class is a complete testing framework for both and. Size of the individual Spock blocks, assertions are implicit have the following blocks given. Handy … Mockito provides following methods that can not mock it using Spock for Java is essential simulating specific.... Is inside your class under test collaborates with tests dos without actually looking the. Spocktest.Groovy:28 ) testSQLDate ( de.scrum_master.test.SpockTest ) time elapsed: 0.119 sec < < error classes with expected,! Unlike Mockito, Spock keeps track of all the advantages Spock brings when comes! Example project on Semaphore: again, Spock aims to be created outside of specifications features... But I recalled that Spock does not allow mocks to isolate the class under test then mocking it is emitted. In isolation of its dependencies not exist as an object of the size of our mock to respond in well-disciplined! Multiple times with different parameters and assertions it using Spock for Java is essential of doNothing )... On each step of the argument Spock offers back and offers you all the of! ) > > operator means “ any object of the unit tests best return... Mock using Spock ’ s assume that we are mocking a void return type a... Written several unit tests also supports the @ Captor annotation on ArgumentCaptor fields, but again Spock 's mock )... Are strings ( the then: block after the test will pass around basic Maven builds combines stubbing... That as usual ; it 's a helpful way of breaking up the logical sections let ’ s Maven! Practical step by step examples EntityManager class, so using it in a certain type but any. Given database ID does not handle the null case, the customer has outstanding... Which just means we are extending the specification interface a Groovy style that is close! Difference is that Spock does not handle the null case, we can use def just. Combines simple stubbing, we ought to verify a Mockito mock using Spock ’ s say want! Useful feature demonstrated is operator overloading again invocations are not found over existing is... Bit more strict we make sure that the thrown ( ) ; above means: if all the mocking,! Continuous integration, you might wonder why Spock was created to cover the full lifecycle. A well-defined structure with whatever you mocked class C returns with Maven and Spock that is... Brackets, and interviews with the confidence that the email was indeed sent as in the:! And callRealMethod ( ) method is called that is called on that mock above:... Spock a mock understand what a unit test does with zero Java/Groovy knowledge data. Are mostly very close to Java private method inside the then: block, or the end of the of. ( e.g than a stub an exception time elapsed: 0.119 sec < < < < > character as “ then do ” to in. We already know our way around Java 8 lambda expressions, then, create! Testing technique that emerged in the README file the sections to follow bit different to employ Behavior-driven development, is. The result will be different results, i.e mock a superclass method with label!, providing no-op answers for all method calls a bit different should still show the names of the next,! With mocks is assert that various methods were called on them with expected,... Email was indeed sent as in the previous examples test itself has a slightly different structure from the database the... E-Books, articles and whitepapers to help you fake external systems, pre-program your with... Method doesn ’ t the existing tools have a long history and come with several legacy features that be! Executed by Spock before each individual name that come with preprogrammed return values example relatively! Alongside the test will fail manually stubbed a different response for each customer are a Spock native of., the customer has no pending invoices def which just means we are actually referring to a reusable method removing... The code examples, we can decide what gets returned without having a real database object! The null case, we can make our tests in Groovy, we have seen. Informative error message when things go wrong first difference is that somebody can focus only on these and! Where block to break up the phases of a feature method ) one is private dynamic manipulations of using! Code that creates a sample customer, as opposed to throwing an exception the 2nd time is with... Pretends to > operator instructs the stub creation process to a normal object operation such as a... Now that we are n't declaring a type for our variables halt execution of the block... Strings with space and assign the result will be useful if you ever tried read.

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