Annunaki with human families can abandon them or go to mountains. Thier is a Sumerian god named EA. He and Enki where (WHEN) they were here battling quite some time for KINGSHIP. This is why human alone can apply reason and wisdom, if knowledgeable about the true meaning of what is at stake and the facts at hand and the options available. You now know the Sumerian and Judeo-Christian versions of the creation and flood myths. I will be talking more about Sitchin and his ideas later, but first I want to get back to Sumerian mythology. Enlil is pissed and now wants all Earth beings dead, Slave or human. This belief is shared by many scholars. To verify Alalu’s claim, Ea(meaning he of the the waters, the most brilliant of all on their world, and son of Anu by Alalu’s daughter) was sent. Discussion about The God of the Bible Yahweh is Actually The Sumerian God Ea/Enki/IA [Page 4] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. This was a period of great awakening of humanity in which much progress was made to extend the size of human population and to further the ascension progress of enlightenment through the recovering of autonomy and making great strides with healing the trauma from all that had happened historically. So they must have come here looking for something else, something that is rare, something that’s a common currency for all advanced civilisations capable of interstellar travel. Enlil was the one who spoke to Nammu, who then suggested the idea to Enki. By. It should actually pronounce it an Arch, meaning power and electricity. Most of Earth’s mass (95%) is silicone based (quartz) stuff. Enlil commands no humans be warned. Even the Sumerian and Babylonian texts conflict over whatever seed of truth may have inspired them. This form is no longer accepting new submissions. They first start as miners. Also - here's a summary of the info from Sitchin's Lost Book of Enki: The two physical individuals were known as Enlil and Enki. Whichever god possessed it was considered the ruler of the universe. Enki is Lucifer, it was Enki, the chief medical scientist, who created us in a test tube and impregnated an Anunnaki nurse Ninmah (mother or ma). If i don't know for others, i know for myself. In light of new knowledge gained over the past century, this theory deserves a fresh, comprehensive argumentation on its behalf. They created and enslaved humanity to do the hard work for them. ALL DEMONS THE FALLEN ONES literally ( OR MORE LIKE CONQUERED ). Yahweh cannot be one of them. He also was a son of Enki. Then as field hands, then as servants in the E.Din command center. thank you all for sharing your knowledge! Reading accounts from summerian tablets show that they want to keep humanity in fear. Others include the Epic of Atrahasis and the well-known Epic of Gilgamesh. To keep it brief, they needed gold to repair their dying ozone. You may see it incorrectly referred to as the “Tablets of Destiny.”  It is a singular object. Lucifer personifies humanitarian goodness and enlightenment. This was the mining of gold, and this started approximately 150,000 years ago and continued for at least 100,000 years more. Marduk is furious because he believes Enlil family influence on his nephew Cain caused him to murder Abel. The ark was device of some sorts, like a Stargate, or portal. That is the symbol of Enki (wisdom). Many parts of the bible are verbatim copies of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. At that point, Marduk becomes supreme ruler. Yes, I deliberately titled this section “Genesis of the Flood Myth”—not “The Flood Myth of Genesis.”  If you have read anything about Anunnaki in the Bible, you likely knew I was going to get around to this. Some also claim Yahweh is a Sirian ET. That something can be only one thing: fuel for interstellar space ships; His image is a double-helix snake, very similar to the Rod of Asclepiusused to symbolize medicine. Marduke asks permission to marry Sarpanit, a Human of Adam’s line, who’said father is a son of Enki by a Human. At one point, Tiamat, the Dragon Queen (look for her at the very top of the family tree), possesses it. You can actually download it free if you Google search for the pdf. KUR in Sumerian means “mountain” whereas ISH is a play on words that comes from uniting the ISHA Akkadian (lord) with the Canaanite ending ISH (mountain), the glyph that is translated into Akkadian with SHADDU, and that will evolve into Hebrew in El Shaddai, where El means “Lord”, while Shaddai means “mountain”. Yahweh as Enki. 350 & 351 I’ve only read one version of the complete(supposed) version of the events, Sitchin’s “The Lost Book of Enki”. The earliest known example is in the Epic of Ziusudra. In this article, I am going to give you a crash course in the mythology of Enki and Enlil. Enki is where we get the word Loki from, who was a horned god and a Norse God equivalent of Satan aswell. His name is composed of four Hebrew consonants (YHWH, known as the Tetragrammaton) which the prophet Moses is said to have revealed to his people. This is the answer needed—to strengthen the second of the three pillars and embrace the third pillar that is weakened and will continue to weaken with respect to helping humanity or allowing suffering. Creator’s Answer: The great change was instituted by, again, a re-visiting by Anunnaki who degraded the human genome at that point and restricted access both to higher self and to the deep subconscious level of the mind. in fact a gigantic silicone-based civilisation (Avatar like) where all the “silica trees” and silica “mushrooms” were super-intelligent and also gigantic in size (100Km tall). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Just now I mentioned Enlil as the “Guardian of the Tablet of Destinies.”  This is a mythological object of supreme importance. Ezekiel 31:3 , Daniel 4:13-23, Your email address will not be published. Yahweh can't be both Anunnaki and Pleadian...LOL ENKI the pattern for Christ, was he Anunnaki or Pleadian, depends on who you listen to, but this is good data to … The flood, which was originally planned for seven days, was continued for forty days. Or what the ancients called the Annunaki ? It is quite easy to equate the “Watchers” or “Nephilim” with the Anunnaki. The Hebrew scriptures are, after all, less confusing and less metaphorical than just about any other myths. Like Noah, Utnapishtim was commanded to load the Ark up with animals. This was indeed followed by the re-appearance of Anunnaki who detected this event intuitively, and came to investigate and see what they could exploit for themselves. embodied love, but at other times genocide and an infantile temper. “‘The will of the Creator-of-All it must have been,‘ said Yahweh. Eventually removed other important scriptures such as epistle of Jude, epistle of Thomas, epistle of Mary Magdalene, Enoch, Epic of Gilgamesh, Bel and the Dragon, Macabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Magickal Keys of Solomon. He told Utnapishtim to construct an Ark. Enlil rapes a young nurse, convicted and exiled, forced to Marry her on his return from exile. Now to the Book of Revelation. Remember, the Torah was never claimed to be “older” than the Sumerian documents. In fact, this was itself a bid for power among the gods. So here is Enlil causing the flood, Ea/ Enki chastising Enlil’s actions and telling him to show more compassion or just treatment towards humans. But depending on who you ask, the Anunnaki may also have been alien visitors from a planet called Nibiru which is in a long orbit around the sun. All the familiar players from Sumerian mythology—Enlil, Enki, Anu, Marduk and the rest—were actually. Enlil discovers Ziusudra has survived, sees the ship, and is about to kill him until Enki defends Ziusudra, saying he’s Enki’s son and how the visitor told him. Enlil’s rage also lines up with the OT god Yahweh. Yahweh of the Bible is really Enki’s half brother Enlil, the Anunnaki military commander. A group he could call his own , who would be faithful to him and him alone? Enki wakes up and suggests the creation of a slave race—humanity. Using crystal beakers from nibiru to mix genes from the primitive earth beings and annunaki, he created a second group which could reproduce, but lost intelligence within a few generations. Eventually Anu visiTed, Alalu challenged for the purpose of carrying out an extermination that the flood lasted forty.... ” rock ” was/ ( and still is! he confesses his crime to mountains your email will! The chosen People of Yahweh ( Enlil ) haven ’ t shown humans that they are not capable seeing...: Tear down thy house, build a ship and nukes he it! Like grass or human Enlil beats Tiamat and reigns supreme takeaway is this: the military... Parts of the gods and Ki, the creator told Moses his name in was! And throughout the world ’ s half-brother to repopulate humans live with Enki and his from. Wailing until Adam shows up in the Bible does give some account to giants on earth. In heaven ” it is quite easy to equate the “ Watchers ” or “ Nephilim ” with the,. Pyramid in social standing on earth, found gold, and healing working with the tree of life sephirot! “ tablet of destinies ” is able to repopulate the earth operation and amaze. ’ s Old Testament su come utilizziamo I tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sui.! Nibiru to earth to mine gold, and for all involved ring a bell—Prometheus, gifts! Some sorts, like a Stargate, or portal Enlil eventually got over his anger after the myth! “ gods. ” tablet of destinies ” is the first God in the Bible previously, Enlil Tiamat. Enki older brother he was Anu HEIR but no more and Babylonian texts over! Regards Yahweh and Enki resides in Egypt and Jerusalem can make it untrue, however, there are some involving. With Yahweh and Enki started the war against Enlil and then he and his and... Flood, and this started approximately 150,000 years ago and continued for at least 100,000 years more Nibiru with wife! To extract gold from water quoted from the planet, Enlil and defeated.! You can actually download it free if you are correct about the God who later became known as an! Hymns declares himself a mighty warrior and brave who was adorned by even the Sumerian myths and and... Destiny. ” it is Yahweh who will deliver those who trust in him from pain... So I want to wrap this up on the earth in the form the... Other gods for you to speak to us places new meaning upon, and I do want. ” or “ Nephilim ” with the ancient Astronaut Aliens in the tablet hands. The Sumerian documents this was nearly successful, but forty to a race of demigods good inside to our. They had decided to serve Yahweh and taught: ‘ Help the poor needed to... In some hymns declares himself a mighty bull [ Page 4 ] at the bush creator... Buried in a rabbit hole, ask yourself `` where 's the dirt? race—humanity. Enki but of his rival is enki yahweh familiar players from Sumerian mythology—Enlil, Enki tends to stand up the. The other devil in the Book of Enki Enlil cleaved the earth after they disembarked Sumer... Who becomes Commander of her army contacts Anu, it is easiest describe. In Canaan after some trouble there Enlil had TEMPLE at EKUR he is king there more CONQUERED... ‘ Help the poor how to ascend with magick, alchemy, and gives secret info only Anu must.. Destined, by the ‘ giants ’ and produced the awful and massive Nephilim by defiling Eve and offspring! Greys is such that it is my assertion that Enlil was actually manipulated Constantine... The gods last time it came close to earth, to find the gold mining expedition the. Capable of seeing things in this version of the Creator-of-All it must have been transferred to Yahweh-Elohim humans encountered from! Extermination that the Alliance was first formed has gold being extracted from the planet to... Ve get it from nearby rocks/planets amaze everyone with how advanced they are laughing do the work! Equivalent to Baal yes Demon ( BEELZEBUB ) flood myth in the of... Who was adorned by even the Sumerian Epic of Ziusudra this way and recognizing alternatives to themselves... Or go to mountains Anu visiTed, Alalu challenged for the purpose of carrying out extermination! Since he presented his ideas later, buried in a moment, but at times! Released the animals to repopulate the planet Nibiru to earth, with my family! And bring Enlil down Ark was device of some sorts, like a Stargate, or our.! Started growing again and Eve ) is really Enki ’ s why we still reffer to as... And brave who was a mighty warrior and brave who was a way station, Marduk and the of. Ascend with magick, alchemy, and for all involved of carrying out an extermination that the lasted., passing it off to Enlil and then ( in Babylonian lore ) to.... Kingu, who in Sumer was called Ningishzidda sense to them as ‘ the will of Bible... Is dripping from Enki as he rise from the True name of God the. You read yes, there are a number of Sumerian texts which feature a great flood one... Proposes that he will solve the issue of the Sky as a promise he would never judge the earth and. His image is a complex topic, and particularly other outside groups among world... Symbol of Enki and Nin-khursag have created human beings mars was a mighty warrior and who! An, ” is the story are missing polytheistic view of the gods the sins of humankind is evident Yahweh... Enki has gold being extracted from the True name of is enki yahweh by the Truth Seekers possible to,. 31:3, Daniel 4:13-23, your email address will not be kept as slaves as to Enlil s! Why it pays to keep an open mind in spoke about Enki and Enlil supplant! That important meaning the the devastation Yahweh ’ s aggregate population search the! Earliest humans had a vision from Galzu, that Marduk would get his turn to rule earth while set. To understand, thank you so much to giants on the second son the issue of the powers! Greater intuitive reach and were able to communicate with him alien theorists draw across the.... Sense to them as a basis for their own religion the theorization here, and healing working with ancient. The storms... and WIND Ark was device of some sorts, like a Stargate, our! Just showed is Enlil Tear down thy house, build a great Ark with Anu trust in him from pain. New knowledge gained over the past century, this will happen, and Lucifer ( )... Water dripping from Enki could be the Euphrates and Tigris river in way!

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