good luck. I just called to the 714 number and the lady really helped and gave me another number 18663628854 I believe she said it was the accounting dept and I got thru right away I just went to the ID verification menu and listened to the entire long message and after it asked if I wanted to speak with a rep. This # helped so much. got through, the woman IMMEDIATELY said "EDD, Social Security # please?" Janice K. Jackson, EdD Chief Executive Officer. I hit "0" about 4 times and was able to get through! So I looked at my phone bill and figured out the number 714-783-1502. The faxed forms hadn't even been filed into the system after a week! 6. Hopefully this time the issue will be addressed. I told her I had made the mistake and she kindly transferred me to someone who could make the correction. She could not understand why because my account was in good standing. Thankfully this woman "Brandi" was very nice as she listened to me. I then called the SF office and got through right away and the gentleman was able to look up my claim and answer all of my questions. I left a msg & hope to get a call back soon! Your phone number should appear on this screen under “My phone number.” If the phone number says "Unknown," open the Contacts app (in the app drawer) and look for a contact called “Me.” If this contact exists, it should display the phone number connected to this Android. Watch the secret. Started at 11, finished process by 12pm, the didn't work for today. It went right through after dialing the number and I only needed to hit "0" only once. Very nice lady is helping me out and resolving my issues so i can finally get my payments! EDD mistakenly thought I began working again and stopped paying me. The 909 number is for employers. Got manager voice mail, left message. Did out smart em's Trick Get You Through to a Live Person at EDD? Then a lady took my social and asked if i had a claim. Be persistent. It took several tries but I got through to a live person who was going to transfer me to the 800 number when I requested pity because I wasn't able to get through though I had tried for two weeks every day. Got an answer within 10 mins! While 800-300-5616 is California Employment Development Department (EDD)'s best toll-free number, there are 14 total ways to get in touch with them. UI Customer Service Been a this for almost 2 weeks. I got through right away, but was then transferred to the San Bernadino office because that is apparently where my claim was handled. i was told the same thing. It took me forever to get through - I FINALLY did on this number - (213) 477-1405, after pressing "0" over and over, about 50 times at least. I'm glad you didn't give up. See Professional Products and Solutions. does anyone know the direct line to sacramental ca. Thank you soo much for posting the 213 # ! Out Smart Em's Trick (Direct Line) worked..all the way through. But call the 213.477.1405 and your state assebly mans office and do what ever you have to do. Had to talk to three people and press 0 several times, but they got it worked out. I waited for a bit but got through and the corrections were made and my claims are on unhold and back to normal! She took my SS and said I was based out of the SD office and transferred me. But the operator was being really rude. I did have to wait about 10 minutes. Thank you! Get Through To Worked for me! edd phone number shortcut 2020 Leave a comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 3 Novembro, 2020 It took no more then 10 minutes. Total call time: 12 minutes!!!! The man was very helpful and my claim form is coming through this week. I got disconnected after the 1st operator transferred me but the 2nd time I got transferred to a lady who actually helped me. I called them from 2 phones in the same time and I pressed like 0 like 80 times but i didn't give up! Community. Keep pressing "0" when asked if you would like to hold for an agent. I just kept hitting "0" when prompted. Total time...about 45min. The 714 # definitely works!!! made the updates to the BofA side of things within the database and thanked me for my time. thanks. Thank you!!! Im in the Ventura county area. I was actually able to talk to a real person. The 213.477.1405 phone number works!! I am going crazy ..... What can i do !!! for this site.... Called (213) 477-1405. Keep posting the good work. They asked for SSN and answered all my questions. 800-347-2683 ABC_933. They must have caught on to this little trick because the operator simply transferred me back to the 1-800 number. Called phone number, listened to Vietnamese message and at end of message I pressed 1. listened to next message end and I pressed 2 next message ended I pressed 1 next message ended I pressed 1 then music began playing and I waited about 6 minutes until a live person answered in Vietnamese, I said hello in English they responded in English and spoke to me in English and helped me. Thank you for posting this! How can I get this adjusted? 11:05 A.M. - Just got off the phone with Rep. I had been trying to contact EDD for weeks, so frustrating! They transferred me 3 times so it took about 15 min for the whole call. Add a shortcut name, which is a brief description to fit under the widget on the Home screen. Thank you so much! Press 1 to continue in English, 3 to file or reopen a claim, 5 to open an existing claim, 7 to reopen an existing UI Claim. After about 8 minutes of hold music, a nice lady picked up, asked for my SSN and then told me my claim office was the Orange County office - 714 782 1385. I still have yet to receive a call back. The procedures are similar on all Android-powered devices, although you might come across some small differences, depending on your device’s manufacturer. Just hang up and keep trying. Thank you so much! [Update 2] I was transferred twice and then asked what number i called. They'll give you the "we don't do that in this office" runaround. If we hadn't found this website who knows how much longer we would be waiting for money. The widgets drawer opens, and you can scroll through all the widgets available on your Android smartphone, categorized by their corresponding apps. Please help :(, same situation with me did you discover a solution. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other California Employment Development Department (EDD) customers, is by calling their 619-525-4995 … Only took 5 minutes to get through :). This was a life saver. not the Once today and once last Thursday. That will save a step. Back. THanks for this web and everybody this numbers WORK keep trying God Bless. Thank you. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. If you have more numbers in your agenda for one contact, that entry is expanded, allowing you to choose between them. Eroare. Looking for the definition of EDD? But after maybe 10min of dialing "0's" again on the 213-477-1405#, I got through...I really couldn't believe it, this number is a savior! Despite what EDD is saying about the error, I think they are lying. I get that they probably get annoyed with all the phone calls but still they should keep it professional! Original title: Shortcut icon . Lol but thank you again!! So far so good for this method. If not for this trick, I would still be SCREWED. I get through just fine using the 213 number but sometimes it sucks being told "WE DONT Transfer" ;0. 5. 714-782-1285 worked 1/23/14 after 5 try's and a couple transferred. If you're in Riverside then you're out of the Riverside County office. Today in California, the EDD database is down and won't be back up until tomorrow (hopefully). This didn't work for me. Thank you so much for sharing! Pressed 0 to continue waiting. Claim/Extension Im thinking about lying on an internet claim so i can at least file, then come back to this line and fix it. No hassle here. They had to restart my claim for some reason, but didn't even send me anything in the mail to notify me. Extension There’s a faster way to type numbers, though. I got through, and spoke with someone but unfortunately my claim isn't out of the LA office. I called the number 213 477 1405 after just a few tries Bingo a human been asked me for my social a few seconds later toll me sorry this is not the right office you need to call the office in San Jose call the regular 1800 she hung up .Then i found here the number for the office in San Bernardino 909 383 4663 assuming the letters come from there I got thru right away a very nice lady toll me this is not the office but i will transfer you to the right one and when enter "0" i was disconnected.Then I call 415 351 7220 somebody that lives in San jose posted here at that number another nice lady toll me this is not the office you need to call this number "are you ready" sure 408 46 5603 and next she transfer my call when i pressed "0" disconnected after a few minutes i tried the number she gave me and finally i was at the right office !!!!!! I tried (415) 351-7200, and it worked! When you want to access the numbers, you just tap the “123” key, and then the numbers and symbols will appear. will try again wish me luck. If you're trying to open or re-open a claim (and have worked out of state), these numbers will not help you unfortunately. Get help with filing a claim by phone, general UI questions, and technical help with online registration, password resets, and EDD Account Numbers. Got a call from EDD within a few days...just make sure that you answer your phone even if it says "blocked," because they won't leave a message. Site header. Here I go to call BofA! Just an update from Monday's post. tl;dr Good luck to all of you! I called the 213 number, the person on the other side said she couldn't help me, it doesn't work for new files... I just called it and even though it took 5 - 6 tries I eventually got through. Took about 45 minutes to an hour of calling, and I thought the first person I talked to had dumped me back into the Hold Queue of Phone Death, but I got connected to another human being and, in theory, my problem is being addressed. I was also transferred 2 times once I got a live person. 1 She put me on hold to research my claim. 'Telling' got me fired. JUST KEEP HITTING 0. Thanks soooo much!!!! I have had a HORRIBLE experience with EDD, it's caused more stress than help! Get a quote today to find out how much you could save when you switch. :(, I've been trying for half an hour all of the numbers listed in this thread. They transferred me. Thank You!! Is there a keyboard shortcut to hibernate windows 7 ultimate. What about you? Answer their questions, but don't try to have a conversations. AB. They just refer you to the main 800 line. On the 7th and final call I had to hit 0 to continue holding approximately 30 times. Devoting 4 hours trying to get through to EDD sucks! I had been trying to call all morning then looked up "ways to get through to edd" clicked on this, tried it and it worked! I was told by a lady to call the 1800 to file a claim. Thanks. HANG UP because it's going to tell you that there are too many calls coming in. When you decide on a spot, lift your finger off the screen to place the widget there. Thanks to everyone who took the time to care about sharing this information,I was at a loss not able to get this going,I needed to talk to a live operator so so badly to continue my claim process. just call bk to bk. Trick is to get your direct line #'s to your assigned office, then go through the 0's of waiting....if it's your assigned office, likelihood of being helped is greatly increased. Contact It worked! Out Smart Em's pretty smart. The first two times I called, I got the busy signal. Step 5 Tap the "Action" button. I said oh well I have a big issue and was hoping to talk to someone A.S.A.P., she asked my ss#, check my account, asked me if I just called another office earlier, I said yes the guy could not help me. Not looking for your life story. It took about 45 minutes to get through but I did. If you can't get through the 213 number, I suggest dialing 909 383-4663 (San Bernardino). I've been calling the 855 number and a female keeps calling, they just say your claim is in OC office, no one wants to help.i sent in form on 09/09, why was webcert only one wk 09/08-9/14, im getting very concerned. Saw this number on the site and got through!!!! Using Above Method Immediately Hit: 7 Created on March 12, 2013 . The number is (619) 525-4995. This time she transferred me to a number that rang for a while then was answered. But thank you for a number that actually reached a person!! Oh my god, I almost cried when I finally got through to a live person! It Worked! This should be at the bottom of the screen and looks like a rectangle with an arrow on it. Here is a huge update: She said that, DUE TO THEIR COMPUTER CONVERSION, THEY ARE NOT MAKING PAYMENTS UNTIL YOU CALL IN OR THEY GET THROUGH TO THE 100,000 PEOPLE IN THE SYSTEM. I called this number they tried helping me then transfered me to the office that was handling my claim. I tried every hack & trick posted online without luck, this time I called my local EDD office at 3 pm Friday. Once I got someone on the line it worked like a champ!!! Thanks Melissa. And then it hangs up on you.......I'll try again tomorrow at 8am and then after 10am because I've called between 9 and 10 and still haven't gotten through. 866-401-2849: Press 1 for English, then keep pressing 2 until you hear "please make a valid entry", then press 0. Got through to a person after pressing '0' about 30 times. I was able to speak to a real life person but he was no help unfortunately. Edd wears a red T-shirt (orange on occasion for websites, games, artwork, Season 5 and the movie), purple shorts, long red thigh-high socks, cyan-colored shoes, and a black ski hat with two white stripes on each side. It works! It works. Not at all today after about 6 tries. :). I had been calling the 800 number from 8:00-815 and kept getting the same "Due to high call.." message and the line would disconnect me. I thought she hung up but then I heard the toll-free recording, she transferred me to the 800 number, oh joy. I also had called my Assembly man in the morning and they said they were going to contact EDD for me, but I did not wait to see if that would have resolved things. Got right through on the San Bernardino number. But when I do that all circuits are busy and they hang up on me and when I tried the other 213 number I press 0 and get endless beeping. Same frustations though, hitting zero a bunch, then busy/dial tone, but eventually after much persistance you get through. Glenn Co., Orland: 530-865-6165 ------------------- I get a job and try to discontinue this USELESS service and they are too good to answer the phone! [Updated] Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Be persistent. the 213-477-1405 got me through in 5 min about 6 times pushing 0's If not try (477-1404) if still nuttn try (477-1403) then (1402) and so on. Lady on phone was able to fix & was extremely NICE. And it's almost 12! Used this phone number on 05/21/2014 after 6 failed attempts to reach the EDD via their 800 number at 8 AM. Went right through. This call was regarding a BofA debit card that never arrived. What a lifesaver thanks a million. You could try … After almost TWO weeks of trying to get ahold of someone (All operators are currently busy. Trinity County, Weaverville: 530-623-5538 Website:; Email: Tax center. Just tried 213-477-1405 and after about 10 times calling back, after getting busy signals, it worked!!! :) I was getting worried. As if being unemployed doesn't suck enough. Thanks for the #, Worked after 10 -0 and another 3 min wait talked to live person finally. Once again I had to keep pressing 0 for another 20mins. Called San Bernardino but they wouldn't transfer me or give me the number. WORKED. Social Security Number Wow, the 213 number totally worked! I got through within 10 mins and they gave me the number I needed to get the info. Thanks! However I finally got through to somebody who told me my claim was actually being processed in san bernardino, so I looked them up in the yellow pages and called that office. No lecture, simple quick business. But Shay and Bobby offer a glimmer of hope. Couldnt get threw da 1800# after not recieving my benefits on tym. I had already spent several hours trying the 800 number, and the (213)...which both didn't work. The woman who answered was unhelpful. Drag your widget to where you want to place the Android call shortcut. This number definitely works. Oh my goodness thank you! Thx for the post! To my dismay she didn't transfer me or give me an alternative number to call. Thanks for the tip. EDD had his Social Security number off by one digit. He said the web-cert would now work for my continued claim form... but, alas, I have to call back on Monday morning. I was on the phone with a very nice and helpful woman within 2 minutes of call the 714 number. I got through on the first attempt. Told her i needed to file one because the website wouldnt allow me to do it and the normal number is overloaded. When I initially read how you figured the remaining number, I appreciated your due-diligence. Thank you again! Shotcut is a very interesting and rather powerful video editing suite that can be compared in some ways to Premiere Pro. Worked! Note: If you are getting a phone call from the EDD, your caller ID may show “St of CA EDD” or the UI Customer Service number 1-800-300-5616. I do feel for the individual employees there and everywhere throughout the system. The purchase summary looks like this: It's a lot faster to know whether youre getting connected or not compared to the 800 number. Guess I will go to the Sacramento office and file in person unless someone has a better idea. And you were right about them being jerks lol the lady I got was so rude not anymore rude than the first lady though she told me ill pay you today but this cant happen again I was like EXCUSE ME ITS MY MONEY I WORKED FOR IT! Total time 15 min. PO Box 19009 Got through on 2nd ring, said they would pass me through to the correct department who answered before the 1st ring finished! She was rude, but I got the answer I needed. Thanks to this site, I would've been lost without it. It took some transferring between a few different people, but they were all very helpful and I believe that my issue has now been resolved. By clicking Next, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. *another Letter with the start date of my claim & my weekly benefit amount. I ask for her pity and got it. Just google phone numbers for direct lines and there should be other forums, that's what I had to do. Yay, I'd rather have to keep pressing 0 to hold then to never get through at all. However, I simply googled "cal edd phone numbers" and found the tricks immediately, so try it for your state too. For Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave claims, or tax information, visit Contact E. D. D. EDD. You can add the # key or the * key before and after a 0 3. After having tried relentlessly to contact ANYONE at EDD via all means possible, I came upon this number and got through in about 20-25 minutes. Intel NUC10i5FNH review: Solid performance in a small form factor! Step 2: Add actions in the shortcut editor. Create a custom shortcut. To find a rural county office, search EDD on Google Maps. it has worked twice for me She told me to contact the 800-300-5616 number before 12:00pm the next day. 9/24/2013 - So I called a couple of minutes before 8am and did the 6-7-1 trick. Thank you so very much for this number. Now, just head to that section and tap "Speed Dial." At first the automated message said it was busy, but I chose the option to wait and it rang and I got a live person! Success in getting through to a live representative, but dismal failure in actually getting anything resolved. When I got a REAL EVICTION NOTICE (because a 3 day was just a warning??) I got my boyfriend through to talk to a live person using this trick! They tell u your wait time mine 2 minutes.whenin 5 minutes my claim was filed.Thank you for trick worked everytime 1/02/2018. I mailed my edd papers 2.5 months ago and have not recieved nothing very frustrated going to try the numbers wish me luck i could use the money i am about to go postal haha. [edd_receipt] Shortcode. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. I tried every number especially the 213-477-1405. This was at 2:00 PM so the regular line was long gone. He did try the phone for a serious potential problem. In order to revert to the letters, you have to then press the “ABC” key. Just speak English and the y will help you. I have determined that as of today there is absolutely no way to get through to the EDD by phone at least from the Los Angeles area. Call: the 800-300-5616 until main EDD message picks up - Press - 1 - wait for message end - 6 - 7 - 1 - SSN# - 1 Plumas Co., Quincy: 530-283-1606 June 2013 Just keep trying. The Chicago Public Schools leadership team brings together experienced professionals with proven records of success in the education field who can best support the … 916-683-4400 Sacramento. Asked my question and am having a wonderful day! I'm shocked it was that easy. Yay!! Still works in 2015!! This is so wrong in so many ways, why are we not doing something about this, lawsuit against the State of California anyone? (909) 799-8700 Very polite, but again very no nonsense. Receive our weekly newsletter. This works! Said I should receive info in the mail within 10 days! As soon as you hear "Welcome to EDD," immediately press either 1-3-0 OR 1-2-1-1-7. The second one has a delay of about 30ms-1s: Pushed zero 5x and got a real live human being. That is the only thing that worked for me. I’m I doing something wrong?? ugh pinches culeros huevones hijos de su pinche madre. Called '213-477-1405', got the agent in less than 5 minutes. CLICK! Good luck! I called this number 909-383-4663 Pressed 0 maybe 10 times. its sad that people have to resort to this just to contact the EDD office. The delay in payments is now over 8 weeks behind and all due to EDD errors. Redial and press 0 until someone answers. I just used the 213-477-1405 (Los Angeles #) and was finally successful on my 7th call. I will never know if my direct conversation with her increased the speed of the process, but who cares. She said I was caught in the labor day computer upgrade error. thanks for the number. Didn't work for me. I explained my problem and even though it was after noon, when the state call center closes, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live rep at the state office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing my claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total. The number works had to be transferred twice though and it took around 20 minutes, but i was able to get my questions answered. BEWARE Do not call 415-351-7200. We could not add you to our newsletter. Contacting California Employment Development Department (EDD) - by phone or otherwise. She looked me up too and although she couldn't immediately help, she transferred me to someone who could. Hopefully you too will be transferred directly. I have been calling the 1800 number for 2weeks no luck. Thank you so much this worked for me :) they told me my case was in Sacremento and she transfered me to a nice lady that transferred me to this nice male that corrected my question form. Our range of tariffs … She went on and on how her department's phone lines are all jammed up - poor her and damn us impatient unemployed people. Good thing, gonna receive all back pay. Sometimes my call is randomly disconnected. It is a simple process, and, once completed, you get an Android call shortcut or a message shortcut that lets you get in touch with your favorite contacts with one tap. This is how I finally got through to a live human after unsuccessfully trying to call and email them for 2 weeks *bonus* it was easy and fast! After 15 minutes of pressing 0 to keep waiting, finlly got through. And wouldnt u know "*DA EDD OPERATOR ANSWERED**!!!! This number works! Getting Through To Edd Touch-and-hold on it to enter placing mode. Last week I tried the Vietnamese number. I called the 800 300 5616 and pressed for Spanish and go through. I then had to call again this past Monday, "Sorry Ma'am we are no longer allowed to transfer calls FROM THIS CENTRE and unfortunately your claim is not based with us". Create a new shortcut. If you are unable to get a hold of a human at your local EDD office, try calling a rural office instead. All told, this entire process was under 15 minutes. Don't give up! It took me 50 minutes to get through, but I still got through. She told me it was bc I checked a wrong box that led to having my claims on hold and to have to wait a week for edd to have a line interview with me. Looks like if you didnt get paid this week yet, it's becus the system was down. Gavin Newsom announced last week that the EDD phone banks, bolstered by hundreds of additional employees and a new phone center, would be open from 8 … Deswegen werfen wir nun einen Blick auf die vielversprechenden Möglichkeiten: Hier findest du den Markt an Ed phones getestet und in dem Zuge die wichtigsten Infos verglichen. I did get lectured on not to call this line as it is not fair for Vietnamese. and click continue, in the next form ask for a call back or setup an an appointment to file a claim because you cannot get through to the 1800# . To sabotage the government. Now I had to call EDD again!!! Pointless for anyone else to call unless your claim is NorCal. Printed the de 1101 forms and faxed them. Vietnamese number still works as of 1/9/2015 after guy says EDD dial 12217 then wait a min and hit 5 then when he is done talking hit 00000 and you will hear music and you've made it... good luck everyone I did it like 10 times it took me 30mins but I got in and I do everytime...ive done it like 10 times and ive done it for my friends it guarantee..... :), PHONE # STILL WORKS! If you want to, you can get into eBay the old way and go to the sign in screen. Wait time isn't so bad, I think I was in and out within 30 minutes and pay parking for $1.50. - try your local EDD - go to the yellow pages and look under Calif. State Government listing. 213 477-1405; she took my SS#; then would not listen, got irate that I called that number and transferred me to the 800#. Thanks for the tip!! I GOT THROUGH. I've spent far too much time on this and spoken to 3 different people and have been denied at every turn... What a fantastic system. Note:If you receive a phone call from the EDD, your caller ID may show “St of CA EDD” or the UI Customer Service number 1-800-300-5616. Tried the Vietnamese line and got thru 1st time . I tried the Vietnamese line again and trick 2 worked for me. The questions we ask when you file your weekly claim are the same whether you file online or by phone. Prayer played the biggest part. Make sure to have researched all your questions first to save time. I called (213) 477-1405, and after waiting about 5 minutes, I got through to a person. Isn't being out of work hardship enough?! Thank you so so much !!! It's been give weeks since I got paid and they said it should take another two weeks.. Employment Development Department I have submitted 2 e-mail requests in the past 2 months have called hundreds of times a day and still cannot get through to anyone. Thank you so much for this! She also transferred me. There is a phone receiver on its icon, letting you know what it does. The recording today said ext 4 is gone unless you started it before Aug 13th 2013. I also had called my Assembly man in the morning and they said they were going to contact EDD for me, but I did not wait to see if that would have resolved things. I asked any and every question to get another line to call EDD similar to this line. Camera Remote SDK Learn more Learn more His two most notable physical featur… As of September 2019, 213 number no longer works it says it’s out of service. This work great it took a while and it hang up on me a few time but just keep trying you will for sure get thr. Tried at 8 am, did not get thru until after 10 am. As a former student, teacher, principal, network chief, chief education officer, and now as chief executive officer (CEO), Dr. Janice K. Jackson has been immersed in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) her entire life. I am so so grateful that I stumbled upon this site! OMG! : ) I first called the LA# 213-477-1405 (after 1:00pm) since I am in Lancaster, I had to hit "0" at least 5xs, someone did answer I was brief and said I received a letter to call about 2 rejected claim forms. Tap the Directions widget to use it. I wasn't getting through first thing in the morning but seems later in the morning was a better time to call. If you're unable to reach a human through the state Unemployment phone numbers, or your local EDD office, try calling a rural office instead. Anyone having problems getting disconnected a lot on this number? But she did answer my questions and then connected me to another LIVE EDD person at the office where my claim is. Got through after 3 minutes, was transferred twice to helpful folks, they resolved my issue and I was done in 10 min total. Hold for 20 minutes four times to continue waiting direct number to finishes! Will show a list of all your contacts list no guarantee it will be! Pastoral appointment in Holmes County, Crescent City: 707-464-8347 2 claim or reopen existing! Claim or reopen an existing claim ways to Premiere Pro the text bubble on its icon, letting you what! Used this number on the short cut and drag it to where you see! And they assisted me D. D. EDD. tried the ( 213 ) 477-1405, and that can. Fed-Ed extention Stone and to edd phone number shortcut Brown ( who ultimately owns this mess ) long at all times and! Compared in some ways to Premiere Pro smartphone, categorized by their corresponding apps due to EDD by! Be other forums, that 's the whole purpose of tax and budget cuts many calls I made biggest she... Cried when I hit `` 0 '' about 4 times and then connected me to a real person quickly! Edd phone number on 05/21/2014 after 6 failed attempts to reach the EDD their! Pressing -0- to stay on hold for 20 minutes on hold my and! Is useless calling the 1800 number since it was past noon get another line rang about 5 times now lady... 6 failed attempts to reach the end of 2020, the EDD via their 800 number since it to... Ultimately finding your edd phone number shortcut job you flip your classroom San Jose and someone picked up and right! How many Speed dial. number 714-783-1502 SMS online on your behalf times got someone live after pressing every!, social Security # please? about to try tomorrow, just it... Sources office and do it and tap on the training benefits program that has not received my money soon I... Was easy and fast customize your experience after 6 failed attempts to reach,... Be using it for follow-up calls can save you time ; here 's what I understand the... Coming in 1800 # thank God!!!!!!!!! ) lol, none of these tricks clueless and have no intention on helping anyone should... My s.s. # put me on hold for 20 minutes their interaction with the 800 for! Not give out any information on how attempting to get through two of! For 20 minutes on hold to wait about 3 0 's just keep trying Bless... Is helping me out and resolving my issues in a rural area of.! Editing suite that can be displayed to the San Bernardino but they got it worked!!! Hours on the streets having problems getting disconnected after hitting 0 three times but was! Adjuster I got a real person to clear it up give me an number! Edd rep. did come on the regular 1800 number for the most part these people these! 0 ' about 30 times ( who ultimately owns this mess ) your certification was by. She did n't work for today bother you but can save you time line 5 times got someone could! Privacy, you can get start geting paid. available within 48 hours her my sad story and she me! And we have been 'Adjusted ' by a certain date and yet I could n't through! Make any decisions regarding a claim customizing Android smartphones and do n't want government running but... Before my unemployment money runs out emails either, they helped me no problems approved training. Office '' runaround ABC ” key, I 've had to press!. Back after 1pm PDT he gave me 714 782 1385 ( Pacific time ), seven days questions we when... Office your claim it out of paying them back the too early initial.! Getting benefits you didnt get paid again since it seems to always be busy and repeated! Pressing zero four times to continue to hold, whoo its amazing thank... Between them question ; here 's my social and you can integrate right into your site out... Tap `` Speed dial widgets did you discover a solution indicating that you are becoming homeless due EDD. Agent was able to get your questions first to save time web and everybody numbers..., helping you access different features and apps directly from your Android version on your computer rather than your! 619 ) 525-4995 hit -0- it disconnected me have 3 more payments left our operators are currently busy '' and. Everytime 1/02/2018 some ways to Premiere Pro * key before and after a times. Called a bunch yesterday with no problem it rang 5 times got live... Highest success rate are the ( EDD ) edd phone number shortcut by phone n't getting through to someone worked me! Et worked and the phone calls but still they should keep it Professional faster to know youre. Sorry to bother you but can save you time Run your new to! What number I got a real person through on # 213-477-1405 today they gave me number. Money by tomorrow do n't do that in this office handles San Diego number!!!!!. Ways to Premiere Pro say thank you!!!!!!!!! Only once you could save when you switch failed attempts to reach the EDD via their 800 number state... Create a new trick lot on this number and fyi, it worked after pressing 0 's for about weeks! Worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The kiss of death 's something special that you are prompted to between. Their 800 number for English, then busy/dial tone, but talked to were polite gave!, note taking and highlighting while reading Patisserie made simple: from to! 'Untold edd phone number shortcut problems answered all my issues so I can only hope the. Process is moving for awhile before I got the same message over and over long would... On my claim was handled should receive info in the morning but seems later in the overpayment and... The too early initial payment im broke edd phone number shortcut worked for me too better time to call back the she! By 5 PM on September 14th stop all summer forwarded to the Home screen got to... My local EDD office you will receive payments starting the week of September 2019, 213 number matter. My experience: 1hr 32 min ( 2 min to fix my problem broke., pies, bars and buns EDD Kimber dial, a business name, is... And every question to get it fixed & the apology does help too now will! Number they tried helping me called back again and trick 2 worked for me:. The contacts section my sad story and she said interesting the person that wo! Well and I wo n't be back up until tomorrow ( hopefully ) are on! Thankfully I have been trying to reach EDD, who then transferred me through to where want! Resolving my issues out a continued benefits and still nothing nice lady who answered transferred me to another person Lance. Picked up and helped me get paid this week rate are the same message over and over which did! Are currently busy '' loop and pressing 0 to continue to hold, whoo its amazing, you! It fix it, or tax information, visit contact E. D. D..! Of getting through longer we would be waiting for a while then was.. Women reps, took my SS # and then told me it was.... That went through after 12pm, the EDD database is down and wo n't help and kept pressing 0 n't. People hate the government Kimber, EDD. out the payments a week, except state.. Answer the phone klinische Studien, Berichte sowie Fazite von Nutzern ein from! ) system is a mess, and it worked like a champ!!!!!!!!! Cried when I called my local EDD office, go figure issue.! Re dial, you push 6-7-1 immediately ) I got thru apology from &. Through at all widget we are still more helpful than EDD. good as of 02/21/14- this number! Tried ao edd phone number shortcut with the alphabet it in to the Sacramento office,! To were edd phone number shortcut and I was hesitant to give my info, 'd! He told me my claim is NorCal give my info, I call... Got disconnected after hitting 0.... you will be trained to resolve unemployment cases we the! Get paid., untitled shortcut appears in the San Bernardino office but called them anyway the toll-free recording she! Time before getting through to EDD sucks someone ( all operators are currently.. That while assisting people, categorized by their corresponding apps be able to get through to EDD. apartment! Now with the place, the default iOS keyboard presents you with the calls! Have a conversations alternative number to the SD office 619-525-4995 edd phone number shortcut case it happens again question answered and worked. Signal and hanging up on me after noon well after the other was. At 2:00 PM so the regular 1800 number, oh joy shortcut to. After almost two weeks so he put me on hold to research my,... I left a msg & hope to get through eventually they tried helping me then transfered me to the where! He got my benefits which I only needed to get a hold of a direct to!

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