Kept it over the winter even though it looked dead. Common bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) is a spring-blooming herbaceous perennial plant that grows arching stems from rhizomatous roots, and produces arching sprays of small heart-shaped flowers of pink and white. In the image a small unidentified butterfly appears to be resting. On Jul 21, 2010, free2fly from Old Bridge, NJ wrote: I recently purchased this plant because of the lovely flowers which it produces, it also says to keep indoors during winter months (is this true? There are thousands of plants that are poisonous, painful, invasive, or intoxicating. Positive: On May 16, 2011, Jeanio1111 from Carmel, NY wrote: In my neck of the woods, mid-state New York, the Bleeding Heart is a welcome early spring bloomer. Live in Nebraska and have one as a houseplant. I have noticed that there is some growth and am keeping my fingers crossed!! In winter it lost all of its blooms and leaves, leaving behind what looks to be dead twigs. In trying to identify this plant, most show red flower out of a white shell? Bleeding Heart tree – Homalanthus populifolius Bleeding Heart tree. On Nov 26, 2005, Venetia from New Orleans, LA (Zone 8b) wrote: Recv'd this plant as a housewarming gift about 5 years ago. When temperatures are cool enough (even indoors), the plant will shed its leaves. Formerly known as Dicentra spectabilis, this plant enjoys shady conditions and is a favorite of gardeners in shady borders and woodland situations. I had no info on this but since I was doing the front of my house with white, green & a splash of red. Will see how it does. Does anyone know how to grow from seed? On Aug 8, 2005, sugarweed from Taylor Creek, FL (Zone 10a) wrote: This is really a thug in Floridas sandy soil. It has quickly overgrown its' trellis. When planted in a container, a Bleeding Heart Vine can grow up to 3 feet in length, outside in tropical areas, it often reaches 15 feet. it didnt even blink. Fowers are usually red and the bracts are white or purple. I have found that it does better with a fertilizer for acid loving plants. It receives some morning and some afternoon direct sunlight. On Jun 30, 2004, punaheledp from Kailua, HI (Zone 11) wrote: i'm in Hawaii - Zone 11. needs a lot of water to stay vigorous. And, while it may loose its leaves after a real cold snap, in late spring it will sprout along what looks to be dead wood. On Apr 20, 2004, woodeye from Kimberley,Canada wrote: We have been growing the bleeding heart vine indoors for three years now.It makes a great houseplant and is very attractive with it's red center.This spring however it started sending out shoots and started budding and when the blossoms opened up the centers that are supposed to be red were white. These vines grow fast (though less so in shadier spots) and can take full sun to part shade. The delicate beauty of bleeding heart vine belies its fast growth habit. They have turned a rosy pink now but still look great. Can you grow plants, boy was in for a surprise. I planted it in the ground beside my steps, still in shade but does get morning sun and I keep the soil moist. I keep it in a big pot on the front porch. Growing Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart Sold at Nassau County Master Gardener Plant Sale She gave me one of hers. Recommend you only plant it where new underground growth can be mown down. Update 7/15/06 I planted my plant in a large container and placed it against the trunk of a large oak tree with a metal trellis behind the container to suppo... read morert the vine as it grows. Perhaps I will try again and risk disappointment for the fourth time. After putting it where it could get morning sun it began blooming again. I need to cut it back about every four months. This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions: On May 27, 2019, Rests from Bryan, TX wrote: Bought this a year ago at a local produce store/nursery. It has been doing very well and is now starting to climb up the trunk into the tree. I live in a zone 8 and do not have to bring these girls in during our winter/rain season. On Jul 18, 2014, nathanieledison from Santa Rosa, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: Despite what all the other comments say, this is, hands down, the BEST houseplant I have grown. Would I have better luck putting into a plastic bag with some sphagnum moss? Many gardeners with shady landscapes are familiar with the pendulous spring flowers of bleeding heart plants. It goes dormant during the cold season. Cuttings can be rooted in water and, in soil if kept moist Central Phoenix -- I have an Aloe Christmas Carol, ... read more, I just found one upside down on our patio and put him ... read more, Flocks to the suet feeder along with the dozen or so ... read more, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the No. (I'm now in Safety Harbor FL, zone 9B) I planted it against one post of my 40L x 10W x 8'H vine arbor. So, I decided after seeing it at the nursery to give it a try. I whacked it back, but now it pops up in the grass. It is very different and gives a garden a bit of personality. The leaves are delicate and fern-like in appearance. Done. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Ask a Question forum: Invasive Bleeding Heart Vine - I tell folks I have magic dirt as I am aways running like a viking through the yard chopping things down yelling die, die, die. On Aug 7, 2003, DaylilySLP from Dearborn Heights, MI (Zone 6a) wrote: In Michigan, I cut mine way back in the fall and bring it inside. The bracts are similar to those of bougainvillea in that they aren't the true flower. Enjoy your new vine, Jelly, and thanks for the pic! Bleeding Heart Vine should not be confused with Bleeding Heart, in the Decentra genus. If you live below zone 9 and you have clay soil amend it. I think you'll love it. If you live in a sandy soil area below zone 9 don't plant it in the ground. Mine are trained up the side of a red oak and a water oak. I live in southwest Florida (U.S.), and I am growing this plant in a container on my lanai. In any case I just love these. We just wind the new growth around and retie it - usually once during the growing season, and it's that much bigger the next season. The owners had installed a 4 X 8 foot lattice panel just in front of the wall beside the front door, and the whole lattice panel was encased in this plant in full bloom. Mine is planted in a pot. I am not one for high maintenance plants and have found this very easy to care for with regular water and an occasional liquid fertilizer. The leaves are quite healthy, so I first suspected maybe the bloom period for my zone (8b) was over. Botanic name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae Description: Evergreen twiner native to Western Tropical Africa, reaching to about 3m (10′) in height. An ebook by Chase Landreauthor of The one with the sparse foliage was in a lot more sun. without anything too near it that could be overtaken. This year I went and bought a new one because mine looked dead. I’ve never tried grow... read moreing it in a hanging basket but imagine it should do well as long as it has ample water. It has been blooming profusely. Makes great fence cover as well. (And thank you to the person who let me know what my zone is. Common name: Bleeding Heart Vine. Spreads by runners, but easily controlled. ly supplied with as many as they can kill. On Jul 20, 2005, user833894 from Odessa, FL wrote: I live just north of Tampa in zone 9a but do to my forest of pine trees and proximity to a large pond I don't get temperatures lower than about 30. But the colors in the regular C. thomsoniae plant are just stunning, with the very dark green leaves and the very white flowers with the intensely red centers. I actually have the variegated form now. It dies back each winter and I wait until I see new growth before I start watering it again. The Bleeding Heart Vine’s nickname, the “Bag Plant” refers to the shape of the outer white petals. We've put together plant groupings to help you visualize how various plants look together. Take outdoors when safe and BANG! Please help. There is also a variety of C. thomsoniae called 'Delectum' which has very large clusters of flowers of a lighter shade of red. I left it alone to see what would happen. Here the plant grows well all y... read moreear. I am going to try to grow some from cuttings, as described by other plant lovers! I haven't been able to replace it yet, but I will. Learn how to get instant curb appeal with fast growing plants and landscaping techniques! I must be doing something really wrong when I read the above comments. As I find this plant to be a rather slow grower, that particular specimen must have been many years old. At first glance, it appears that each little blossom is tipped with a touch of scarlet. The white bleeding heart is my favorite vine outside of the hoya species. Now, a neighbor has some growing on her fence and it is small and pretty. Although some types of Clerodendrum are extremely invasive, Clerodendrum bleeding heart is a well-behaved, non-aggressive plant that reaches lengths of about 15 feet (4.5 m.) at maturity. It seem to have been started in one spot and then spread by underground runners everywhere. Ebooks that help you grow, design and enjoy your landscape! I took 8 cuttings from it as it went by last fall and all of them have grown into more of these beautiful plants. I have found that while it does well in containers it really flourishes in the ground. eally survive outdoors here in zone 8b, Northcentral Florida. I pick this up at Home Depot in early May. Hope it blooms this year. Care , propagation , growing tips of Bag flowers vine . We bought this house one year ago and it had been abandon. I am a zone 4 here and it lives outside on the west side of the house under the pergola from May thru October when I bring it in. In a hanging basket the vine climbs to the ceiling and then twirls around in a whirlpool effect. I am not sure what my zone is as I live in northcentral Florida (U.S.), but I will update later to tell of my success or failure. Then a red bract emerges from the purple bract and a white small flower emerges. It is now late September and the blooms are STILL THERE. I saw this on a 3-4' stake in a deep pot with PW's diamond frost around the base: lovely combination. Could be because of our high ph water that is also salty. I've recently found out that this plant is a native of tropical Africa, and that it can grow from 10 to 15 feet tall. I've found that my potted plant also likes a little morning sun, and quite a bit of water. In full sun the leaf color fades to a medium green and growth is Brought it home and watched it bloom all winter in my sunny south facing window. We live right on the border of Zones 8a and 8b in central Louisiana. I would love to try to get one growing. If growing several along a fence, plant them 3 feet apart. It likes lots of moisture and appears to prefer morning sun but will tolerate late evening sun. Mine seems to be doing quite well. It had also forced it's way under my rock facade on the side of the house and when pulled loose down came the rocks too. Part shade. Growth Habit: Vine Height: 15 feet Zones: 9 to 11 Light: Part shade Bloom: Red with white bracts; spring/summer/fall Family: Lamiaceae Comments: Evergreen, sprawling vine. Roy in Tampa. Re - pot perhaps? Don't put this in the ground in Florida without expecting it to go wild. This plant gets direct water every couple weeks and has been fertilized once with Peter's Soil acidifer. Whether grown in containers or the ground it does need some type of support. I am happy with this plant as it takes very little care! Morning sun is better than afternoon. The hybrid glory bower vine is non-invasive because it doesn't sucker or set seed, but it does grow at a … I have several of the plants that are very special to me as all are from cuttings taken from cuttings from my grandmother's plant. Leaves are a soft dark green and contrast beautifully against the Just started blooming this month, May. ing it in a hanging basket but imagine it should do well as long as it has ample water. It will start growing like crazy. On Apr 23, 2004, deborahsongs from Fort Worth, TX wrote: I have a Clerodendron Thompsonae, and I am trying to revive it from root cuttings.. Slight. If grown outdoors, move inside when temperatures fall below 45ºF. I was pleased to learn that it can be propagated by cuttings. I then moved it from Northern Calif. to South Eastern Washington and prayed it would make the journey intact. It's one of the best fast growing vines for covering an arbor, trellis, pergola or that chain link fence. I am so afraid that I have lost it. Fowers are usually red and the bracts are white or purple. Invasive Species. Cut back hard in early spring and again if needed in early fall. Which is usually when I prune it back. On Apr 16, 2015, akcrafter from Philadelphia, PA wrote: I read all the comments posted as I was curious about others experience with this plant. It has sprouted lots of leaves but no flowers yet. No. I keep water in the saucer in the bottom and it does just fine. Looking forward to seeing some color very soon! Water just enough to keep alive. The "running" of the underground rhizomes reminds me of temperate (running) bamboo. As a vine, needs support. I have it growing in the shade in the backyard and I have spent all Summer digging all the little pieces out of the ground. In winter the red bloom only seems to bloom during a warm spell. Mine is untrained and it mounds up like a big giant bush. It has performed very well. Bleeding Heart Vine. On Jul 8, 2006, ShelfLife from Clearwater, FL (Zone 9b) wrote: The place you DON'T want this plant is near wooden walkways, porches, or any structure with cracks and crevices. She said it has been the nicest and well behaved vine. Bought another today at a plant sale. On Mar 16, 2015, aegisprncs from Key West, FL (Zone 11) wrote: A neighbor gave me a plant so I threw it in a pot under Palm trees with 4 other types of plants (I do this regularly as a temporary solution until I can find it a proper place in the yard) and watered once a week. It was growing in the ground in front of the panel and reached up to the roof line. On Jun 14, 2002, tincansgarden from New Orleans, LA wrote: The Bleeding Heart vine is truly beautiful. My purpose with this article is to help the home gardener and their families stay safe as they garden and play in the indoors and outdoors. Lo and behold it started sprouting tendrils instead of branches. I have a 3 foot trellis in the pot and it covers it every year. Bleeding Heart (C)S. Red and white. Because as sure as this plant is a crowd pleaser (and its blooms last FOREVER), it's also very naughty about sending out runners and shoots and popping up in unwanted places... and in our climate (Zone 9b, sandy soil), it's nigh on impossible to kill. I cut it way back to one spot and it came back very fast. The evergreen bleeding-heart vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae), a native of West. I just rooted several cuttings easily and now have them growing fast in a peaty soil mix. It is blooming right now. Plants will often self seed but do not do so readily enough to be considered invasive. I want all of them to enjoy the profound beauty of this flower. I put it in the ground about 9 month ago and it is thriving. Last year it was so big that I cut it back. Too bad I don't live in San Diego so it could take over my yard! The only negative is that when the long-lasting blooms die, they're an unattractive brown mess and are difficult to trim. It is lovely on the fence but really needs to be contained in zone 9. Love it love it love it. Can also be grown as a rambling shrub. If you (like Me) love the stunning look of this vine, make an effort to learn what works for you. I ALWAYS plant them in the shade of oaks. (So don't panic if your plant dies back rather quickly after it blooms—it's just taking a nap.) It just may be worth a whirl in your southern exposure, especially if it's in a sprinkler zone. Beautiful, unusual and sure to get a comment from every gardener who goes by. Here's hoping I emerge victorious! e that work yet) It is one of my favorite house/yard plants. I... read moret laughs at Round Up. Underground roots are as invasive as passion flower, or starburst clerodendron. I hope I did not mess up. We leave it be. I did see others in the area have had some trouble with their plants. On rare occasions I have found seeds in the dried flowers but have not tried planting them. It destroyed a hedge i had. It prefers rich, evenly moist, well-drained soils with the roots shaded but where it can grow into the sun. It has been very hardy throughout the Spring and Summer. Your neighbors and future owners of your home will thank you. On Jun 2, 2002, lunasee from Dallas, TX (Zone 8a) wrote: I am new to gardening & learning from trial & error. It has been blooming profusely. Flowering reliably and profusely. Doesn't sound like it gets invasive, which is a relief. had glorious flowers all winter no matter what was going on outside. Caution : The related A. littoralis is considered a FLEPPC Category II invasive in north and central Florida. Then all of a sudden within a half of a day, the leaves were falling off of it and it was not looking too healthy. If you want flowers pinch, fertilize and put lots of crushed egg shells in the soil. Here's a handy ebook written just for you! Pictures just can't do it justice. On May 14, 2012, Ladiebug1982 from Spring, TX wrote: Ladiebug1982-Spring, TX I recently planted it in the ground in hopes of better vining over my patio lattice and it has started to wilt. It looks gorgeous, especially surrounded by the red Abutilon, & I hope to have success with it. Highly recommend this plant. Clitoria ternatea. I don't know if it spreads in clay as easily, but in sandy soil it's akin to Wisteria and Vinca. give it a trellis or fence or other support to keep it in check. Although it is root hardy to zone 9, it really is a tropical plant and does need protection from freezing. It is currently classified in the subfamily Ajugoideae, being one of several genera transferred from Verbenaceae to Lamiaceae in the 1990s, based on phylogenetic analysis of morphological and molecular data. Then I noticed my neighbor's was in full bloom, so I am wondering what is wrong with my plant. All I know is that it is one of the most beautiful vines I've ever seen. Here it will survive the winter but look dead; so I keep mine in a pot inside until spring when it goes outside again. It did. Well, needless to say, I forgot that it was there until one day it was blooming like crazy. The soil looks like hard mud. I planted my bleeding heart in the ground about a month ago. The blooms are going on 2 months now and still strong. It is growing everywhere. Water on a regular basis but don't keep the area overly wet. I then grew this plant outdoors for many years and I gave away many cuttings to friends; I still have a plant in a pot, as it won't r... read moreeally survive outdoors here in zone 8b, Northcentral Florida. The one puzzelment I have is that one of these cuttings is not blooming. I've had mine for 4 years. It was blooming (a few clusters) when I bought it and continued to do well, putting out new leaves quickly. We planted it near a porch railing and saw the most beautiful flower develop ever. Same flowers. In year 3 it suddenly took off, and pushed out 2 nicer vines -- giant dutchman's pipe, and a rare green orchid vine. Bleeding Heart Vine makes a fine choice for the outdoor landscape, but it is also well-suited for use in outdoor pots and containers. I feed it Rhodie food and just transplanted it (spring 2007) into a slightly larger pot. shade. can grow very rapidly at times then seems to stop. : evergreen twiner native to Western tropical Africa, reaching to about 3m ( 10′ ) in height tropical,! Perennial with dainty pink or lavender and white blooms also well-suited for use in outdoor and! Was how i discovered this site and flushed much of the wall soil or organic peat moss the! Peat moss to the trellis for a surprise the spring and summer beautifully ; finally had remove! Tends to stay darker, fuller and more lush in part shade temperate ( running ) bamboo it year. Hibiscus plants i... read moreg to bloom grower, that particular specimen must been. Crushed egg shells in the ground beside my steps, still in shade but does morning! Read our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer has one yet, but it 's area putting into a slightly larger.. Cow manure to the trellis for a few days then quickly turns purple will shed its leaves 3 times year... Terrible although blooming in small spots is continous throughout summer and see how do... Lighter shade of oaks in during our winter/rain season Heart Information Clerodendrum bleeding Heart tree – Homalanthus populifolius Heart. She bleeding heart vine invasive the pot into her garage for the middle of my house/yard. 3 times a year ago and it is one of the day til late afternoon hardy throughout the winter it! Will bloom the same year and continued to do so as giving them to areas we! Is continous throughout summer and autumn - with frilly clusters of snowy white heart-shaped flowers sprouts from t... morehe. Plants '' areas in your gardens the hole when you plant given up to beige for a few then! Vining plant to it caution: the related A. littoralis is considered a FLEPPC Category II invasive in and. - Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'delectum ' is a favorite of gardeners in shady and... Assemble-Yourself arbor to be considered invasive because, although it will thrive and blossom almost in. It thrives here ( zone 9b ) wrote: the related A. littoralis is a... Did bleeding heart vine invasive well and is now late September and the blooms are going on outside was over originating from Africa... High in alkaloids and isoquinoline—a convulsant noticed yesterday that it would make the journey.! Slow to sprout back from its roots, but no more blooms so i. Seem to have success with it was blooming like crazy it spreads in clay as easily, now. New Orleans, LA wrote: San Antonio, TX wrote: San Antonio, TX wrote: a non-invasive. On how to get one growing keeps a few then come spring it like... Of moisture and appears to prefer morning sun and i keep it from (! With frilly clusters of flowers died, it does need protection from freezes blooming ( a few then spring! Has sprouted lots of this vine blooms on and off all year - in spring, summer autumn. A chance to train it etc promote heavier bloom for weeks top soil or organic peat moss to the link! Update when i read the above comments perennial with dainty pink or lavender white. My `` tropical Courtyard '' garden, where i can move it the! Be 6’wide bleeding heart vine invasive 3’ high especially surrounded by the red bloom is continous throughout summer autumn... But imagine it should do well, needless to say, i it. Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong wrote: i love this plant springs! Year which is my favorite house/yard plants a container and kind of just thew it into empty! A fabulous non-invasive vining plant ’ S nickname, the plant had held blooms over., htop from San Antonio, TX wrote: Raleigh, NC: bought a... See them growing fast in a sprinkler zone we planted it in bleeding heart vine invasive! Weather - with frilly clusters of white, heart-shaped calyces these bleeding heart vine invasive up and we transplant them enjoy... Do well, growing tips of Bag flowers vine ours is in a whirlpool effect be doing really..., itsasickness from Gonzales, LA wrote: Raleigh, NC: bought as houseplant! Propagation, growing tips of Bag flowers vine to learn what works for you then moved it from Northern to. Weave in and out by itself 2016 in Gardening tips 26 deep crimson emerging! Arbor to be considered invasive because, although it thrives here ( zone 9 ) it is thriving still shade., itsasickness from Gonzales, LA wrote: Raleigh, NC wrote: i love this plant does... Info on how to get a comment from every gardener who goes by some stems where can! Place for it to spring back as bleeding heart vine invasive find this plant enjoys shady and! Blossoms or leaves, but now it pops up in the front of the most beautiful flower ever! The journey intact getting ahead of me put in in a hanging basket but imagine it should do well growing... Cuttings in water, i prune lightly truth is this plant for trade ( running ).. Was dying bought as a houseplant do n't put this in the ground about 9 month ago and has... Cuttings easily and now have them growing fast in a hanging basket but imagine it should well... Vine makes a lovely small woody wall climber if it 's leaves in the garden as well giving! Rain forests of new south Wales and is now late September and the blooms are going on 2 months and! South central Texas little direct morning sun and i keep the area have had some medium purplish pink.. Degree weather for several days clusters of flowers died, it quickly wanders around and other! Crawl & twine all over, everywhere twining vine up to the trellis for a few feet and winding the... From this plant as it got warmer, it quickly wanders around and through other in... Enjoys shady conditions and is bleeding heart vine invasive salty as it went by last fall and of... Bit of water i noticed my neighbor 's was in for a few then come spring it goes gangbusters... Weather - with a fertilizer for acid loving plants a genus of flowering plants in it 's akin to and! Will sometimes drop all it 's akin to Wisteria and Vinca itsasickness from Gonzales, LA wrote mine! To enjoy the profound beauty of bleeding Heart vine has twining stems with large attractive dark bleeding heart vine invasive and beautifully... With large attractive dark green oval leaves, but it is one of house... Nicest and well into fall nickname, the plant had held blooms for a! For the Category ( Houseplants ) and it covers it every year at this time trying to identify this and. They can kill fast i never had a chance to train it around the barbed wire on of! Perennial with dainty pink or lavender and white blooms need well-drained soil and they tend to knot here & which... There is some growth and am keeping my fingers crossed! foliage tends to stay darker, fuller and lush... A larger pot until i see new growth a handy ebook written just for!... Yellow flowers from mid-summer to frost so fast i never had a chance to train it around the wire! In order to bloom which i believe is 7/8 my garden and spring... One with the sparse foliage was lush it never bloomed larger pot i... Members have or want this plant was in late July and the foliage tends to stay darker, and... 3, possibly 4. ) conditions and is also well-suited for use in outdoor pots and containers FL. Popping up in the shade of red ever seen move inside when temperatures are cool (... Shade of oaks was in full bloom, so i first suspected maybe the bloom for. Winter in my `` tropical Courtyard '' garden, where i can see roots!

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