On hearing this, Parikshita's son Janamejaya vows to kill all the naga in a week. Hence, Sarama curses Janamejaya saying, “You’ll find ill luck”. He starts the Sharpamedha Yajna, which forces each and every snake of the entire universe was forced to fall into the hawankund. Sarama is the celestial bitch. Janamejaya’s mother is Madravati, an appellative indicating a junior wife (like Madri with Pandu, with whom Parikshit is compared twice in hunting). King Janamejaya was engaged, together with his brothers– Shrutasena, Ugrasena and Bhimasena, in a long sacrifice.The celestial dog, the son of Sarama, who entered the sacrificial ground, was beaten up by Janamejaya’s brothers. This indicates the son, Shringi, is not lineally obtained. Janamejaya was the son of Parikshit who was the son of Abhimanyu who was the son of Arjuna. [His father died, being bitten by a serpent; and Janamejaya, determined to avenge the injury, resolved to exterminate the whole serpent-race. It is held that the great epic Mahabharata was recited in full by Sage Vaisampayana at the Sarpa Yagna performed by Janamejaya, son of Parikshit. One day, a Brahmana named Utanka (whose story is narrated here), came to his court. Sarama curses Janamejaya. Janamejaya conducts a sacrifice in which his brothers illtreat a dog, which happens to be Sarama’s son. The king received him graciously, and … During a hunting expedition, Janamejaya came to the Ashrama of Shuthashrava. Parikshit ruled the city of Hastinapura after his father and his uncles renounced the kingdom and set off on their final journey. (A Story from Mahabharata) King Janamejaya the son of King Parikshit was the king of the Kurus, ruling from Hastinapura. Parikshit (Sanskrit: परीक्षित्, IAST: Parīkṣit) was a Kuru king who reigned during the Middle Vedic period (12th-9th centuries BCE). Janamejaya performed this sacrifice to take revenge on the snake that had killed his father. He was the son of King Parikshit and Queen Madravati according to the Mahabharata (I.95.85), but according to the Bhagavata Purana (I.xvi.2), his mother was Iravati, daughter of Uttara. The dead snake around Shamika’s neck indicates that his line would die were Parikshit to take his daughter’s son as his successor. The … He brutally murders Takshaka. Mahabharata was such a tale of human emotions – of greed, ... On hearing this, Parikshit’s son Janamejaya vows to kill Takshaka within a week. Janamejaya is deeply saddened by this curse. Janamejaya starts his killing spree of naga. Vaishampayana narrates Mahabharata to Janamejaya at the snake sacrifice. Mahabharata Metaphors: Astika & Janamejaya – Reconciliation Asthika, a close friend of Janamejaya, minister and a philosopher comes to know of Janamajaya's act and stops him. Janamejaya was a son of King Parikshit and had several brothers: Bhimasena, Ugrasena and Śrutasena. Janamejaya (जनमेजय).—Name of a celebrated king of Hastināpura, son of Parīkṣit, the grandson of Arjuna.