CSCI E-63 Big Data Analytics (24038) 2017 Spring term (4 credits) Zoran B. Djordjević, PhD, Senior Enterprise Architect, NTT Data, Inc. Lectures: Fridays starting on January 27 th, 2017, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM (EST), 1 Story Street, Room. Optional Online Sections: Saturdays, starting January 28 th, 2017 at 10-11:30 AM (EST). In this course, you will learn how to perform data analysis using Excel's most popular features. Data Analytics Course Syllabus. This Data Analytics course introduces beginners to the fundamental concepts of data analytics through real-world case studies and examples. This course will introduce you to the world of data analysis. You’ll learn about project lifecycles, the difference between data analytics, data science, and machine learning; building an analytics framework, and using analytics tools to draw business insights. Its approach focuses on pragmatic, interactive learning using logical methods, basic tools, and publicly available data to practice extracting insights and building recommendations. You may consider it to be a combo of three courses in a way. Program staff are urged to view this Handbook as a beginning resource, and to supplement their knowledge of data analysis procedures and methods over … Course Syllabus ISYE 6501 Introduction to Analytics Modeling Professor: Dr. Joel Sokol Course Description An introduction to important and commonly used models in Analytics, as well as aspects of the modeling process. The ability to analyze data is a powerful skill that helps you make better decisions. 306, Cambridge, MA. Big data Analytics Course Syllabus (Content/ Outline): The literal meaning of ‘Big Data’ seems to have developed a myopic understanding in the minds of aspiring big data enthusiasts.When asked people about Big Data, all they know is, ‘It is referred to as massive collection of data which cannot be used for computations unless supplied operated with some unconventional ways’. DAT 101 - Introduction to Data Analytics and Visualization | Delaware Technical Community College The goal of this course is to establish a first-principles understanding of the qualitative and quantitative techniques, tools, and processes used to wield data for effective decision-making. You'll learn how to go through the entire data analysis process, which includes: Posing a question; Wrangling your data into a format you can use and fixing any problems with it; Exploring the data, finding patterns in it, and building your intuition about it Intro to Data Analysis. Prerequisites Probability and statistics Basic programming proficiency Delaware Tech syllabus for DAT 101 includes course objectives, course competencies, methods of instruction, catalog description, required textbooks and prerequisite courses. Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis and the built-in pivot tables are arguably the most popular analytic tool. This course is a combination of an advanced excel course and an introduction to data analytics and visualization. Introduction to Data Analytics ITP 249 - 4 Units - 2020 Spring Section 31832R - Tuesday 3:30-6:50pm, ZHS 252 C o u r s e D e s c r i p ti o n Data is now an integral part of our lives and to be successful in today’s business landscape, we need to be able to leverage data to make critical business decisions. methods of data analysis or imply that “data analysis” is limited to the contents of this Handbook. Page 1 of 9 MA0218 – Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Academic Year AY1920 Semester 2 Course Convener Prof Sameer Alam (MAE) Course Code MA0218 Course Title Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Pre-requisites MA1008 Introduction to Computational Thinking OR FE1008 Computing OR CY1402 Computing Pre-requisite for Nil To complete this Data Analytics Course for beginners, you will take almost 12 weeks.